…because the amityville story has not been told enough


The Amityville Horror was already remade in 2005, but that doesn’t mean it is not up for reinterpretation!

In a clueless display of movie making, the Weinstein Company and Dimension Films have acquired the rights to REMAKE the already TWICE remade film!  Getting the rights to this film can’t be too hard, this story is the village bicycle!  MGM holds further rights to Amityville and may plan their own set of films!

If they think they’re gonna get any better than Ryan Reynolds running around all pissed off crazy and topless most of the feature …pft!  Good luck.  For the record, no, that isn’t the best rendition of the film from a movie fan standpoint (though it sounds like you’ll have plenty more to choose from).  The original is almost always the one to go with BUT for my money …topless “grr” Mr. Reynolds for me, thanks.

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2 Responses to “…because the amityville story has not been told enough”

  1. brennanNo Gravatar says:

    He is sexy. Eff scarlet johansen.
    Oh wait, she’s pretty sexy too.

  2. ArielNo Gravatar says:

    HA!! I know, I want to hate the woman…..but I can’t…..Imagine their offspring!

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