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So the goose chase of Heathers being revived has been going on for a while now.  First, Winona Ryder gives an interview confirming that a sequel for the film is indeed a go.  She even went so far as to say Christian Slater was coming back.  I get that he doesn’t have anything going on right now, but ah, he blew himself up at the end.  Her explanation?  “Christian has agreed to come back as a sort of Obi-Wan character.”

That had me rolling on the floor laughing …great mental images of this sequel just based off of that idea.

Too bad for the sake of my belly laughs, that is so not happening.  Director Michael Lehmann has countered to say there is no sequel in the works at all.  Dan Waters, who penned the original film, also said he was unaware that there was a sequel coming.

Michael explains: “I know there’s no script and no plans to do the sequel. It’s funny to me. I love Heathers and I loved doing that movie. I’m very proud of it, so if it gets brought up, I’m happy. Generally, though, I don’t like sequels at all. If the movie’s good the first time, why bother? With something like The Matrix, for example, it feels like a trilogy, or with a comic-book movie, those movies were based on something that was created in a serial format. So a movie as specific as Heathers, which took place in a specific time and specific place and in which many of the characters got killed off, I never thought it made sense to see a sequel.”


Just as I was happy to hear someone in Hollywood speaking some kind of sense …further developments unfold.  Of course.  It may not be the sequel that Winona Ryder had hoped for, but maybe they could get her to play someone’s mom in the adapted TV version in the works over at Fox and Sony TV.  Yep, the cult classic is coming to television.  Films have been snatching up television shows since they are too lazy to think up anything different, why not have a little more television snatch things up from films?  Keep the recycling of old ideas alive. Pft.

It is said to be a modernized version of the original story and fans of the movie might be pleased (or angered) to know that the original characters are all expected to be scripted into the adaptation.  Great.  A painful drawn out “modernized” version of something that should just stand alone.  Part of why that film worked was it was during the gloriously excessive era of the 80s so the dark comedic commentary worked.  I just don’t trust anyone in this day an age in the entertainment industry to be clever enough to make it fly.

Everyday I am reminded in some way why I’m happy and smart for not wasting money on  cable.  Hooray for dvds!

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