Disneyland “full”


Me and the fella heading out of town tomorrow for the Christmas, so I wanted to get one more trip in to Disneyland for all the holidays-on-crack activity that goes on there this time of year.  Seriously, Disneyland decorates and celebrates the way you wish it really went down (beautiful…).  Unfortunately, it’s at the point where everybody else tends to agree.  It’s too close to Christmas to go!  Vacations have commenced.  I’m not sure why I thought we could waltz over there after work on a Friday evening …but we did.  It was a complete cluster-fuck outside of the park …and that was just traffic!  Then I saw the signs:


I have been going there most of my life.  I have been there in the Summer, I have been there for gay days (people come out by the masses …it’s insane), I’ve been there during the holidays …I must say New Year’s Eve at Disneyland was the closest I ever came to a nervous breakdown.  BUT, it wasn’t dubbed “full.”  I didn’t know it was possible for that park to reach capacity!  Wow, I’ve seen it all….

Needless to say, we turned around and drove to a nice sushi dinner instead.

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