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Oh Conan, I know this is not nearly the last we will see of you.  This whole situation has done nothing but make you a stronger force to be utilized by a smarter network.  But I’m sorry it happened.  I’m sorry The Tonight Show is going back to vanilla and is now completely muddied.  That position is the Holy Grail for an entertainer/writer such as yourself and you lost it before you really got to take it out on the road.  I have no doubt your last episode as the show’s host tonight will be fantastic but I’m still going to sit there verklempt.  You’ve been part of the end of my day almost every day for, well, I can’t even count anymore.  You’ll be back soon, but not soon enough.  It’s gonna be a long several months without you on the air being sassy and self deprecating.  Thank you for everything you’ve contributed to television so far and I anxiously await your next move.  Until September?……..

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