natalie portman: homewrecker?


Okay, so this is gossipy …but I’m eclectic with what I find interesting …and I find “news” on certain people interesting always.  I am sort of bummed to hear this one…

Natalie Portman has been keeping her new romance with New York Ctiy Ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied under wraps because he supposedly had a live-in girlfriend before hooking up with Natalie!

Millepied is choreographing Portman’s new flick The Black Swan and they’ve been keeping it hush-hush because Natalie wanted to wait if things got serious. But an insider reveals:

“The real reason she was quiet about things is that Ben had a live-in girlfriend of three years when they met. She was a ballerina at the American Ballet Theater. She had been talking about marrying him and was blindsided by the split. She moved out right after New Year’s Eve.”

Portman’s rep says, “We have no comment about her personal life.”  I bet.

Can’t you find your own man?! You’re Natalie Portman for god’s sake!  I really hope that isn’t the circumstances.  Yeah, her personal life isn’t actually anybody’s business.  However, one of my biggest peeves in the universe is women who steal other people’s love.  I guess they weren’t that great a “love” if they’re willing to do that to you but it’s completely disheartening with the whole notion of “universal sisterhood.”  Why would you do that to someone else?  Another woman…  How would you feel?  I’ve always thought Ms. Portman classier than that, I hope that’s a bad report because it makes me like her a lot less.   Don’t be that chick Nat…

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