A 79 year old lady diamond thief?! Ha


Doris Payne is so hardcore that she didn’t let a movie being made about her life and starring Halle Berry stop her from doing what she clearly loves: STEALING SHIT.  The baddest old lady in the USA was arrested Friday for removing the tags from a $1,300 Burberry trench coat from a Saks Fifth Avenue in Costa Mesa, CA and peacing out of the store like nobody’s business.

Trench coat? Girlfriend probably wanted to make a stealthy exit in that piece!  She’s currently being held without bail for violating her probation.  Halle Berry, who clearly realized that Catwoman was NOT the film to highlight her ability to play a jewel thief, is playing Doris in Who Is Doris Payne? slated to hit theaters this year.  This is some pretty good publicity for the film.

Don’t let the man get you down, Doris!

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