haven’t mentioned “twilight” in a while…


WOW.  I mean …wow.  It’s sort of cool looking but at the same time completely creepy.  I think it just looks cool to me because visually I enjoy the composition of the bright colors on the black and white print.  Not to mention, she used pretty faces to screen print.  Unfortunately, it’s like having a blow up doll of the Twilight boys that you can’t actually do anything with.  Well, you could utterly weird anybody out who comes to visit your room only to find a huge rag doll with actor’s faces printed on them …and then you’re gonna NEED the fake body because they’ll suddenly have to go wash their hair.  Oh wait, they’re glorified stuffed animals so all you can do is close your eyes and snuggle them.  How fun.

I have to say, they’ll probably sell pretty well.  There is a proven wacky cult following that’d snuggle a cardboard cutout that they stole from a department store, so why not make them fluffy and huggable?  Hey, if you want to get really close to the characters you can shove “Edward” in the freezer for an hour and “Jacob” in the oven for a little bit …no, don’t do that, your crazy ass will burn the house down and it’ll be a story told at the fire house for years to come.

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One Response to “haven’t mentioned “twilight” in a while…”

  1. ChiaraNo Gravatar says:

    Regardless of my love of Twilight, I’d still have a heart attack if I woke each morning to see that! Fantastic idea though.

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