some POSITIVE press for sean penn…


Sean Penn is currently in Haiti, attempting to help in the relief effort. Yesterday, he went above and beyond the call of duty and saved the lives of a woman and orphaned baby who had been terribly injured from the rubble of a collapse building.

Sean and his daughter Dylan drove an hour- and-a-half to rescue the woman and child, trapped in rubble outside Port-au-Prince, probably from an aftershock. Penn was able to removed them from the area, and drive them back to the University of Miami hospital camp in Port-au-Prince. Both woman and child had severe injuries and Sean did not leave until he knew they were adequately treated. From there, he took the pair back to his place and has agreed to let them stay there for as long as it takes to find them a safe place to go.

Talk about heroism and kindness …that is what should be focused on, not him slapping around paparazzi that annoy him.

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