“there’s always a harp in a dream sequence, don’t be silly!”


I love Netflix’s “Watch It Now” feature!  I watch and re-watch all kinds of things I wouldn’t usually bother taking the trouble to rent (or wouldn’t if it wasn’t “free”).  I decided to go on a kick of old classic films I hadn’t seen or don’t remember very well.  This brings me to A Star Is Born.  I hadn’t remembered seeing it, but once it was on I recalled parts, so I guess I must have at some point.  I guess I just wasn’t old enough to really appreciate it’s awesomeness.  This movie is really Judy Garland at her best star quality (so it’s not just a clever title) and in general I just really enjoyed how stylized and colorful it was.  Just wanted to give it a quick shout-out in case anybody was stumped on something to watch.

I enjoyed that little experience so much, I decided I’d go ahead and try watching Funny Girl.  I know for a fact I had yet to see that movie.  As a theater geek growing up AND an appreciator of older films, I figured I owed the movie a chance.  I’ve never been much of a Barbara Streisand fan, but it was her big role and ever there was something I would try checking out of hers, that’d be it.  I assumed there must be SOMETHING to her as gay fan bases are seldom against my own tastes.  I made it perhaps a half an hour and I simply had to shut it off.  The woman gets on my nerves, all of her mannerisms…  I’m sorry Babs, you’re a talented singer, but you just aren’t for me.  Gay community, we still have Judy to love together.  There’s always that.

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