that wasn’t so bad …was it?


I just wanted to wish the Indiana Jones Attraction at Disneyland a very happy 15th anniversary!  It is up there as one of my very favorite rides at the park (and there are so many fantastic ones to choose from).  It’s just as great as when it first opened (unlike, ahem, Star Tours …which IS, might I add, getting a makeover …HALLELLUJAH!)

Fifteen years, gah!  It’s one of those times that is starting to trickle in more and more (much like how the metabolism slows more and more) where you go “DAMN. I JUST went to the opening of that attraction, I have my little decoder card and everything! (yeah, not everybody has one of those bad boys …because the ride is old now, and it’s a waste of paper) There’s no way it has been around a decade and a half …oh.  That just made me feel kind of old.”  Aside from the cruel reminder of my mortality, I love that ride and wish it 15 more years and then some!

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