marilyn writings to be published


Farrar, Straus and Giroux has announced that they plan to release a collection of Marilyn Monroe’s own writings.  Selections will include poems, correspondence, rare photos and reproduced handwritten documents by Marilyn. The book will be in stores this coming fall.

There have been a few publications in the past that have claimed to be in “Marilyn’s own words.”  My Story was dubbed an “autobiography” but there is no real evidence it was penned by her.  It seems more viable it derived from interviews and transcriptions from a weak effort Monroe made when she dictated thoughts to someone else to put it all down on paper.  It is also available in an “illustrated edition.”  That oughta indicate something.  Like most books trying to capture the legend “in her own words” resort to photographs, because really that’s all we’ve got.  Movie stars, especially back then, are a persona.  Even the “facts” are muddled.  In this case, people have always romanticized her and have sculpted her into whatever image they want to imagine.

I myself own Marilyn: Her Life in Her Own Words which is composed of casual photo sessions were literally the last ever taken of her.  George Barris, a photographer and long time friend of hers took these photos and had many conversations during her last days and wrote the text to accompany the long unpublished photos.  Again, it is not fact and it’s a man with his own idea of who she was and wrote her words down that he had taken notes from.  With that said, it is the most down to earth and enjoyable Marilyn books to go through.  There’s obviously not a ton of text, it couldn’t fill a book by itself.  But it’s full of inarticulate thoughts that could easily come from her in conversation.  The photos are beautiful.  They don’t involve glitter or anything of that sort.  At any rate, it’s the only book to this point I would recommend.  I have a couple of other books regarding Marilyn I could ramble on about, but I’d be going completely off point …imagine that.

This book, titled Fragments at least calls it like it is.  That’s all anyone will ever get.  At least this seems like it’ll have some interesting content.  That isn’t to say any of the poems or writing will be profound, or even good.  But it should be interesting if you’re into her myth.  I’m looking forward to it.

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