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Scandalous boudoir photos of East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer have surfaced just days before the primary elections.

Of course!  We all know those things don’t stay private.  It was bold of him to allow himself to be photographed.  Bold?  Dumb? The candidate will not confirm or deny the pics, but he asked the press, “Are you all part of the Eric Brewer for governor campaign? You need a sex scandal if you want to get to the next level.”

A man with a plan.

It doesn’t bother me if people want to cross dress.  In fact, I think his tired hag photos are hilarious.  I just think it’s funny that these sorts of “scandals” pop up showing how pretty much anyone can have a freak flag they have to fly …but the politicians are the ones who act so self righteous and pose as if they have some moral fiber the rest of us don’t that makes them the people for the job to lead and dictate the lives of everyone else.  Hey, at least this fella owned it.  I’d pick that over some guy who preaches that drugs are the devil, gay people are wrong and choose that life and family only fills specific guidelines …and then that same guy is busted cheating on his wife and kids snorting blow off an 19 year old boy’s ass in a skeezy hotel room.  No, that wasn’t anyone specific, but we’ve all heard various version of that politician, haven’t we?

I don’t even have a serious point, I just saw the picture and cracked up.  RuPaul would have him arrested for dishonoring all other cross dressers.  Aside from the photo reveal, I like his verbal shrug.  It’s out of the “ordinary” but he ain’t hurting anybody.

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