happy meals about to get less happy


It is being reported that officials in Santa Clara County, California are looking to ban toys from being included in fast food meals. The logic is that toys make the high-calorie, low nutrition offerings too desirable for kids and if outlawed, will keep fast food out of their mouths.  If the ban is put into action, over a dozen fast food joints, including McDonalds, will be affected. It is the hope of officials that if passed, other areas of the country will follow.

A final vote will come down by the end of next month and the debate will raise one very important question:

Should this be a government issue or a parental one?  Tough call.

It’s a good idea in theory.  I think a lot of parents take the easier route and just swing by and pick up crap for their kids.  That wouldn’t change anything if they took the toys out.  The parents would still by driving through and getting cheap and easy crap for their kids, only then they’d have to listen to their kids whine about not getting a toy.  I was a kid once, and I LOVED my Happy Meals.  They were a treat to me.  A toy was part of it …but it was also the tasty fries and chicken nuggets I got excited about (without or without a toy, that greasy goodness was something I’d get excited about).  It’s an intriguing idea though, considering we have a ridiculous ratio of healthy to overweight kids in this country.  I’m interested in seeing how it works out in Santa Clara.

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