nooo, christina isn’t mimicking gaga’s image concepts, not at all…


Imitation is supposed to be be the highest form of flattery.  In the case of Christina Aguilera completely emulating Lady GaGa these days I’d say “Awww, she really likes her style.”  However, it’s not so much flattery when the little diva is denying she is imitating anything.  Back when GaGa was first entering the  scene, she hadn’t blown up yet but she was starting to get photographed and make little waves I noticed Christina was rocking a very similar look:


When asked about the similar look she was sporting, Christina completely blew it off saying “I don’t know what you’re talking about.  I don’t even know who that is.”  Hmm.  You sure about that Christina?  It’s okay to admit GaGa’s style and videos are awesome, they ARE.  She has this ego that won’t let her acknowledge she has been influenced.  Hands down, Christina has stronger singing pipes than GaGa.  There’s no need to be catty …but as a year or so went by and there is no way on God’s green earth she could deny knowing who “GaGa” is and she was asked about her new video Not Myself Tonight taking a lot from GaGa’s Bad Romance video and Madonna’s Human Nature video.  Again, she denied even paying any attention to what GaGa was doing and simply stated she has been around over a decade and it’s all her vision.  Sure.  She has been around a long time.  I would never dream of saying otherwise about her talent or staying power.  What I don’t get is why she can’t just share the influence credit where it’s due.  Every time the comparison comes up she throws her bitch face on.  I have gone ahead and supplied some screen shots above …just as the most recent work she has put out that is ALL her.  Hey, if there was ever a hot image to borrow from, that’d be the one!  Just admit there’s room for everyone, and that it’s possible she: a strong, immensely talented and longer standing force in her industry could possibly have liked someone else’s idea more than anything she could come up with, at least for now.  It sure beats the baby doll ts and chaps phases she was going through.  Her pin-up period was really adorable for her too.  This works too!  This just looks like her image-influences have just been getting better and better.  Still think Christina is a one-woman show …let’s go back to when GaGa’s career was first taking off and was just too small for Aguilera to even know who she was:


Yeah…not the same at all.  I know it’s silly to babble on about, it’s not at all an extraordinary story …I mean, all artists take from one another.  Always have, always will.  It’s just so ridiculous to me seeing these two women’s mirror images and hear this gal go “Huh? I don’t see it.  I’m original!”  Just because you have the singing chops of a diva doesn’t mean you have to get arrogant like one.  She can be, sure, she’s amazing.  But why would she? Pft.  Just admit it so we can move on, so I can move on…

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