mark twain’s memoirs …100 years after his passing …just like he wanted


The last decade of Mark Twain’s life was spent writing a memoir that would never be seen. That was because he left strict instructions in his will that his autobiography not be published until after his death – 100 years after his death to be precise!

And guess what? Time’s up!

Now that the milestone has been reached, the University of California , Berkley, where the manuscript is vaulted, will publish the first volume of the memoir in November. Eventually, there will be a whole trilogy of books, that is sure to shed new light on a revered author.  I am very eager to read these works.  I am interested to see if it’s an impressive hoax, if it’s another farce (if you didn’t know Twain was a character, I am sorry to have popped your bubble) or the reason for the time and space from his life is so that his personal thoughts were not meant for the audience of his time?  Like I said, he had a character to be.  No matter, it sounds incredibly interesting!

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