robert pattinson is a “full house” fan?


Robert Pattinson spent some of his time this past weekend drinking beers with Bob Saget (and others that aren’t nearly as interesting nor as amusing to me) at John Stamos‘ house to celebrate Danny Tanner’s 54th birthday!  Stamos took to his Twitter to say this:

Who has better hair: Uncle Jesse or Robert P? mr. p. was a total gentleman- and cooler then me in every possible way-

That’s awesome.

Okay, in actuality, Pattinson was brought to the party by his agent Stephanie Ritz (who is friends with Saget).  So it’s more a matter of LA favors.  Perhaps she knew Saget thought getting the best Edward Cullen impersonator in the business to come to his birthday party was better than a stripper or a clown?  That’s a pal!

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