bring your pet along on your next disney world vacation!

The Best Friends Pet Care Resort opened up last month right next to Walt Disney World in Florida. The facility, which can hold 270 dogs and 30 cats for day and nighttime boarding, spans more than 50,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space.

Options for puppies include air-conditioned indoor rooms, indoor-outdoor suites, and four larger VIP suites with television, raised bedding and private outdoor yards. They can also play on the walking trail with artificial grass and even enjoy the water park.  Owners can opt to upgrade to bottled water, ice cream treats, private time cuddle time and bedtime stories.  There are even web cams of the suites and play areas to keep an eye on your beloved pet.

That’s pretty cool and that’s definitely where I’d put my dog Bowser in the event of an inevitable eventual trip back to the Disney World Resort.  The prices are actually quite reasonable!  However, no matter how great the facilities are, I’m quite certain Bows would be a tad disgruntled for being left somewhere he doesn’t know, without his owner.  If even for day trips.  Yeah, my my pup is a bit spoiled (don’t worry, I’m not one of those pet owners that sends him to a therapist or masseuses), but that’s what this place was made for.  BUT, as far as pet care facilities go, it is the Disney resort equivalent.  Perhaps after getting adjusted and seeing what sort of amenities are there, he’d never want to leave.  Hell, I’d stay there!

Cats can enjoy Kitty City, which is filled with two and four-level condos. The felines also have the option of private playtime, activities, toys and treats.  There is also a special boarding facility for the smaller folk (aka hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and ferrets).

Very cool.

When is Disneyland going to have a facility like this?!  I go often (you don’t say?!) and if I want to spend a long day there and retain the humanity of Bowser’s regular bathroom breaks, he needs to go to the Disneyland kennel.  Let’s just say, despite some of the recent renovations they’ve made …it’s not a particularly comfortable or stimulating environment.

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