john stamos was SUPPOSED to play frank-n-furter on “glee”

…But sometimes life just isn’t fair.

Sources are confirming that in an original draft of The Rocky Horror Glee Show, John Stamos was meant to play the sweet tranvestite Dr. Frank-N-Furter instead of Amber Riley!  Inspired choice, he would have totally knocked it out of the park!  He surprisingly rocked the racy and charismatic role of the MC in Cabaret on Broadway.

Problem was, when the network got their hands on the first draft of the script, their fishnets got into a twist and they didn’t like Stamos in the role.  When asked about it, John told sources:

“I was supposed to be doing ‘Sweet Transvestite,’ but I think the network saw the script and was like, ‘Stamos in fish nets? It’s too soon!’ So they switched it up. I was bummed, because I wanted to play that part.”

I’m bummed too!  I think it would have made a HUGE difference on the overall outcome of the episode.  Stamos would have had the energy, talent ability and feisty attitude to pull it off …not to mention I would have LOOOOVED to have seen him sport the corset and show off them legs!  No.  Instead they have him all covered up as possibly the only handsome version of Eddie there ever was.  Let’s not argue whether or not it’d be appropriate to have him in that role in a school play, they crossed appropriate when the teacher character of Will thought he should be Rocky.  Seriously, Emma needs to get back with him soon.  He has already sang and danced around to Britney music causing a sex riot and took his shirt off in the “Rocky” episode to get her attention …ummm, what else can he do?

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