Ariel! How you doin’ kid?!


I’m Ariel.  Yeah, like the mermaid.  Wait.  No.  I’m not.  Hence, the perfect header to this blog of mine.  Once in a great while I am stunned and delighted when I introduce myself and someone muses “Ah, like Shakespeare….Sylvia Plath…”  I would even settle for a motorcycle or European industrial solvent reference.  Lion of God.  Non alcoholic wine.  The 11th Prime Minister of Israel.  My grandma thought I was named after the antenna.  I suppose it’s fitting that the girl of many faces can have her name applied to so many things.  However, 97% of the time someone has to say something regarding how my title matches that of the famous cartoon mermaid, brought to you by Disney.  You already thought of that though, didn’t you?

The reactions range anywhere from bursting out into one of the catchy musical numbers (occasionally a medley)  to the oh-so original “Hey Ariel…heheheheh…hey Ariel….where’s Flounder?  Heheheh…Skuttle.”  Creepy men at bars like to mention the sea shell bras (while winking, naturally).  I should be grateful for the shell bra remarks, the remainder of creepy guys usually make the connection that they once knew a stripper who used “Ariel” as their stage name.  Thanks for sharing!  You are a true intellectual and not at all sleazy.  Please.  Take my number.

Some don’t even know what they’re talking about but they DO know there’s a point of interest along those lines.  “Oh.  Like the….uh…like that movie…with the fish.”

I was once even called Chicken of the Sea.

Lately, I often get the reaction from parents who tell me their kid would be SO excited to know I’m Ariel, because she’s their favorite.  That one is good, I’m okay with that…I’ve come to really enjoy the magic happy princess notion that goes with the cartoon mermaid ties.  The evoking of singing is nice too…that is a little more dependant on delivery. Let’s just say none of the people in my life that I hold dear met me suffering from verbal diarrhea of the mouth asking how Sebastian is or comparing me to a tuna fish product.  I am a connoisseur of far better forms of turrets than that.

The point is this: my name has carried with it an interesting way to assess people upon first meeting.  Impressions can easily be made.  It is often entertaining.  The trick is to not look at it as an irritating predictable routine.  For a long time before the person would even get to the end of connecting the dots I would roll my eyes and finish it for them “Yeah…like the mermaid.”  It happens that often.  Daily.  Rather, I now take each reaction and file it away as I continue to people watch them and appraise.  Harsh?  Maybe.  It’s okay though, relishing the art of observing, contemplating and judging will make for better blogging…all the while being aided by my name as the most fascinating of ice breakers.  The savings will now be passed along to you, the consumer.  Not to worry, my blog won’t consist entirely of different ways people like to address me, it’s just a good jumping off point as it has had its own little hand in molding me.  Anyone in the same position would say the same.  I have plenty of different topics and thoughts.  In fact, I would enjoy it if anybody who felt like it would drop me a message or comment with a question or topic they’d like to bring to the floor.  It would make for a far more diverse and stimulating open forum.  Chances are I have an opinion on the matter.  So please, feel welcome to suggest, ask, or say whatever you find interesting.  It’ll probably end up addressed.  This is going to be fun!  I’m extremely excited to dive in.  Pun.
It’s okay if I do it, it’s my name…

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4 Responses to “Ariel! How you doin’ kid?!”

  1. gerrdaNo Gravatar says:

    Funny as usual. Pretty too.Like you.

  2. HeatherNo Gravatar says:

    Guurrrlll… are you suggesting that I am in the part about where you come home drained because you have a shitty ass job?? Cause I can’t disagree with you there! I am however, very excited about this little project, I almost feel like you and I should write a book… we both have very interesting stories to tell and somehow.. when we are at rock bottom.. there we are, somehow near each other to pull us up and out of the depths of hell, go figure.. it might become a movie one day! :)

  3. Evan like the,hell there isnt anythingNo Gravatar says:

    yay! Let the reading and thinking begin. I’m all giddy

  4. DanNo Gravatar says:

    Laughter, puzzled facial expressions, more laughter. Me likey!

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