judd apatow gets next film gets release date …with no information other than it’s a judd apatow production

It doesn’t have a title.  It doesn’t have a logline.  We don’t know ANYTHING about it …except that it has a release date.

Universal has given Judd Apatow a release date for his next film, based solely on the fact that everything he touches turns to gold except maybe Funny People.

It’s only speculation at this point, but here are some things we can possibly expect to see in Apatow’s next movie:

-A nerdy guy who romances an out-of-his-league girl

-Jonah Hill

-A bunch of guys smoking marijuana and talking about movies

-Pop culture references that are hilarious now, but will be seriously dated pretty soon

-Jason Segel, Seth Rogen and/or Jay Baruchel

Hmm.  Guess we’ll just have to wait until the obnoxiously huge marketing campaign starts.

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