‘harry potter’ to blame for the declining owl population?

In India, this may be partly true.

Children inspired by the popular books and movies of the wizarding world of have been asking their parents for and trapping owls to be like Harry Potter and his friends.  In the story, Harry keeps a white owl named Hedwig.  Indian Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said that “there seems to be a strange fascination even among the urban middle classes for presenting their children with owls.”

These concerns came after a report by a wildlife group which showed a sharp decline in India’s owl population.

Harry Potter may be part of the problem, however it is not the only reason for this decrease.  Owls have been trapped and traded due to a festival called Diwali, in which owls are said to have magical powers and are used in ceremonial sacrifices.  Oh what the hell people…

Members of wildlife are trying to convince kids that want to be like Harry to go bird watching instead of trapping the animals.  Yes, that would be the sensible thing to do.  I guess sensible isn’t in the cards for people that are trapping wild animals and trying to keep them as pets because a fictional story made it seem cool.  When I go to the zoo I always want to take home a hippo or an giraffe …but I don’t, it’s not sensible for me or the animal.  Kids might not get that, but where is the parents’ common sense in all of this???

Owls are gorgeous creatures but they also are not meant to be held captive in suburbia.  That’s going to end up hurting/killing the bird or the people who were dumb enough to to nab them in the first place (though I must say, it would serve them right).  Owls will fuck your shit up, have you seen their beaks and claws???  Not to mention owls are smart enough to know your muggle ass is very much not magical.  No, they aren’t going to to want to stick around without a trip to Hogwarts to sweeten the deal.

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