zac posen to design bella’s wedding dress for ‘breaking dawn’???

Sources are reporting that the Zac Posen (one of my favorites in designer land!) has been contracted by the filmmakers of the latest Twilght flick, Breaking Dawn, to design Bella Swan‘s highly speculated wedding dress for her even more highly speculated  Edward Cullen nuptials.
This is a great choice!  I think Posen can live up to the expectations of the millions of women who have read in great detail what this dress is supposed to look like …no pressure Zac (well, assuming most of these fans have read the book and aren’t just in it for the pretty actor-staring session).  The author, Stephanie Meyers, is to approve the dress herself.  I’d say that’s promising news, but she has approved a lot of stuff that has appalled me because it just illustrated how much she’d let her original vision slip for pay …say for instance, pretty much the entire first film.
ANYWAY, Posen is a fantastic pick and I hope it’s a true story because he can perfectly blend classical feminine lines with a modern touch.  The dress is to be Victorian looking (from Edward’s era when he was actually alive) but a high collar and lots of buttons is a tough look to rock beautifully …if anybody can make it work, it’ll be Posen.
And no, the illustration above is not the actual dress.  It’s a sketch done by him when he and other designers drew up hypothetical looks for Instyle magazine when they asked “how would you dress Bella for the big day?”  Yes, the series is THAT ingrained in pop culture.
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