obese mcdonald’s manager sues mcdonalds for gaining weight …and wins!

A McDonald’s manager in Brazil has successfully sued the company over $17,500, claiming that the food he ate made him gain 65 lbs while working there.  He says that the free lunches he was given, as well as sampling the food for quality contributed to his weight gain.  HA!  “sampling the food for quality.”

McDonald’s says that they will appeal the court’s decision, asserting that they serve healthy choices that the manager could have eaten if he wanted to.  While McDonald’s is notorious for being unhealthy, me thinks they might be right on this one.  The manager could have eaten the salads or done more to control the portions he ate …or even better, he could have taken his cheap fat ass elsewhere to eat a meal.  If he didn’t want to spend too much on lunches or didn’t have time to leave, I have another suggestion: bring your own lunch from home!

What an asshole…

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