taylor swift sells over a million copies of her album in one week

Taylor Swift should be in celebration mode as her new album, Speak Now, is a top the charts in it’s first week of sales, selling one million copies!  According to sources, the record is selling at a percentage of between 17 and 18.  That means nearly one in every five albums bought last week was Swift’s!

Pretty impressive, considering that on top of all that, she is the first artist it almost two years to have an album out that sold 1 million copies in it’s first week!  Not just that, but there was a ton of anticipated pressure over the assumed mega success of her album.  She can rest now rest easy again knowing she delivered.  Not just that, but she also managed to do this in a time when the music industry is flailing desperately when it comes to selling albums vs. having them pirated for free.

It can’t hurt that she has become famous and she continues to write about her personal life when it has become a big topic of interest to a lot of people.  I honestly don’t think she does it as a gimmick to sell records, I just think that’s what she is moved to write about and she writes in a very literal way.  So, the public gets catchy little tunes with personal details of public figures that interest them (in a universally relatable topic as love and heartbreak) and Swift sells albums in mass.  Do I wish someone like Fiona Apple would achieve numbers like that over the more generic music?  Yes.  But nonetheless, it is what it is.  As I have said before, I’d pick her ANY day of the week to be a teen idol over most of the choices out there.

Good for you Swift!

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