oh, cool, they found a severed head in my back yard…

Oh yeah, it’s all glitz and glam around here…

Okay, so not exactly my back yard.  But close, eerily close.  I pretty much live right below the Hollywood sign nestled up in the hills.  I enjoy feeling like I’m removed from things and am surrounded by an unexpected amount of nature while at the same time I can drive 5 minutes down and be in the middle of Hollywood.  It’s rather ideal to me.  No, I’m not trying to sound like a cool kid, actually, it comes with a ton of annoyances …but not as big as what I’m about to share, so more on those other pesky annoyances at a later date.

So last night, there were (at least!) two police choppers flying around my neighborhood.  One was hovering and the other had a search light grazing the area.  This is went on ALL night.  This morning/afternoon they were STILL out there!  I know, that doesn’t sound like anything.  But trust me, it gets old fast.  This is a very lovely neighborhood.  In fact, despite the unique annoyances of living where I do, I remind myself that I’m a very lucky lady getting to reside where I do and consequently shut up (mostly). I’m accustomed to the occasional idiot thinking it’s a good idea to try climbing to the (very restricted and supervised) sign and a cop will come out and that will be that.  Well…they found a human head today …not attached to a body.  Then they found a human hand, I’m assuming it was once attached to the same body the head was once on.  Well, that just REALLY puts the other “annoyances” in perspective.   Those choppers are starting to make sense.  I wonder what else they’ve found since…

I don’t have much specific information.  I don’t watch the news.  Hey, it would usually be talking about something like the Golden Globes’ dress hits and misses …that is L.A. news …it seriously is.  Or, it’s negative stuff I can’t do anything about and it’s being spun for entertainment purposes/ratings.  Gross.  So, I have some article reading to do.  I guess.  I don’t know how much I want to know.  I enjoy walking my dog (Bowser, in case you weren’t in the know) without feeling skeeved out. It feels like a morbid thing to read up on all the details…given the fact…it now is what it is.  But it certainly felt like something to mention under the category of “things going on in my neighborhood.”

Anyway, thought that was an interesting goings-on in my neighborhood.  How are things in yours?

UPDATE:  Still not a lot of information aside from it being a 60 something year old man’s head.  A DOG came trotting out from the bushes with the head in its mouth on a hike (SEE?! My fear regarding my Hollywood Hill hikes with Bowser aren’t exactly unwarranted! …and to think I used to only really be concerned about rattle snakes and coyotes …bo-ring).  Oh, and they found another hand …it’s like a morbid Easter hunt around here.  Lovely.

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