disney FINALLY ends the beard oppression!

“What do you mean I have to shave my beard?!”

It has been a long known fact that Disney has always had a very strict facial hair policy when it comes to their cast members.  As in, you can’t have any.  Well, they did lighten up back in 2000 and allowed their employees to have mustaches …just so long as it was grown during time off work.  I always found it funny (funny-ironic, not funny-haha) that Walt himself had a signature ‘stache (no really, think about it …can you think of an image where he didn’t have one? …Exactly) and yet he strictly prohibited them under his own park grooming restrictions.

Starting February 3rd, employees from the parks in both California and Florida will be allowed to grow whatever they want on their face.  I’m sure there will be standards that should be obvious in any work place (you know, please keep your chin pubes clean …no critters are allowed to live in said beard unless it’s an approved trademarked Disney character …and anything you grow will be assumed automatic property of the Disney corporation).  Naturally rules and restrictions will apply.  BUT, it’s nice to know that after close to 60 years, the company can bend the rules a little.  Oh you party animals, don’t go too crazy over there…

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