hi my name is Elias, won’t you be my family?

I dare you not to “aaaaaaaaw!”

Every so often I go onto petfinder.com to see what dogs are in need of adoption.  It’s masochistic because I want to save them all and I can’t.  I really want to find a “sibling” for Bowser because he is a very loving and social dog who thrives around a proper playmate.  Right now is simply not the right time for the responsibility of another dog.  I came across this pup and melted into a puddle.  Based off the description, he’d have way too much energy for me to keep up with anyway.  However, he’s going to be a fantastic addition to the right home.

His name is Elias.  He’s a 4 month old Australian Cattle mix (the only kind of breed I look at now that I’ve experienced Bows).  This means he’s a smart dog …and this breed tends to need tasks and activities since they’re a working dog.  There are exceptions to the rule.  Bowser is very smart, loves to play and walk …but will go on strike if you expect too much of a workout from him.  I need another dog with a similar personality.  Elias isn’t it, but I know plenty of people out there would be a great match!  I doubt he’ll have a hard time being adopted, but I wanted to do my small part to spread the word.  All rescue dogs come with up to date shots, are fixed (or if too young, will cover the cost AND EXPECT that you take care of that at the appropriate time) and are micro chipped.

You will never feel anything better than saving an animal and giving it a safe and loving home.  Trust me, that animal will pay you back with SO much love and appreciation you won’t know what to do with yourself!  You can rest easy knowing your pet didn’t come from a cruel puppy mill.  Read up on them, it will make you sick to your stomach and you’ll never be able to go in a pet shop again.  Not to mention (and I know I’ve mentioned it before) mutts make the BEST pets.  You don’t have to worry about mental/physical deficiencies from inbreeding.

Elias certainly isn’t the only one out there.  There’s an animal out there for everyone (if they have the time and ability).  In fact, there are lots and lots of animals that aren’t adorable little puppies that pretty much sell themselves that are just waiting to be saved.  But you just never know.  I just saw a poor 6 month old dog in San Bernardino up for last call before he is killed.  He doesn’t even get a name, he gets a number: A412222.  It makes my eyes tear up just thinking about it.  This sweet, beautiful boy is going to be taken away from his life before he even got a chance simply because of irresponsibility and nobody taking a chance on him.  I’d better stop right now or I’m going to run out and try to save him myself….

Please, click on the link for either dog and see what you can do …one was just so damn cute I had to post something.  The other is in such immediate danger (and VERY cute/smart…all vital ingredients for a wonderful pet) I HAD to share.  If I had more info. on the sweet little guy on death row, I’d make more of a post. Check out Petfinder for yourself and see if you can help.

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