“I’ve got daddy issues” …and I want to sing it from the roof tops!

Yes, I will hang this right over the bed …how dark is my sense of humor?

I’ve been looking around for something fantastic to hang over my bed.  I specifically want a stretched canvas piece that will stretch across.  I love how it looks and it won’t kill me when it comes crashing down in an earthquake.  It’s not the easiest format/size to find.

I did come across some cool pieces by artist Nikki Galapon.  One of which is the piece above.  I dig the colors and font.  But I don’t feel compelled to hang it on my wall.  The thing that struck me as amusing was the vision of a single gal hanging that over her bed.  A date comes to her place and sees this neon sign straight up saying “I’VE GOT DADDY ISSUES” over the very place he wants to be.  99% of guys would be in their head going “Ooh, oh, man…ah well, let’s DO this!” and carry on …then wonder why things start getting weird.

Hey, I can say what I want.  I grapple daily with said issue.  For a long time I tried to act like I moved past that point and moved forward but the truth is, you can’t …not completely.  It leaves a hole.  I think I’ve grown more adjusted over time and it’s not to say all women with “daddy issues” (and there are a LOT of us, in one way or another) are train wrecks you don’t want to touch.  That’s a case by case sort of thing.  HOWEVER, if you come across a gal with an industrial “daddy issue” sign over her bed …or say she has a pair of velour pants that say it in rhinestones across the butt …run.

As I was saying before, the artist has other cool pieces and I don’t even dislike the piece in question …I just saw it and had that amusing vision and felt compelled to share.

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