foot candy (steve madden L-wedge to be specific)

LEOPARD foot candy! Delicious.

Every so often, a fashion piece comes along that truly rocks your world.  These shoes rock my world.  Height while still maintaining comfort? Yes please! (It’s almost unheard of in the shoe universe).  They do rub on the ankle a smidgen, but I’m not going to let that rain on my fancy feet parade.  I’m a big fan of instant statement pieces.  It’s almost fool proof to keep the outfit simple and then pick the right mind blowing accessory.  The beauty of these beauties is that they can be paired with another interesting pattern and it’s not too much (if you have the balls to mix patterns …I do).  You can effortlessly pair these with MOST things and it’s a chic result.

My fella seems to hate animal print.  That’s his loss.  For a while it was mine.  I’m ashamed to say, but for some time I refrained from buying animal print pieces because I wanted to wear things he thought I looked nice in.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look nice for someone you love.  But then I remembered something: I should wear what I like.  I have pretty great taste if I do say so myself.  Sometimes it isn’t executed properly and I look back with a little cringe -but that all comes with taking textile risks.  I’d rather risk being on a “don’t” list (and like what I’m wearing anyway) than be boring.  I picked up a cute cropped fake leopard print coat *complete* with hot pink lining when I was selecting pieces for my Edie Sedgwick (basically my style hero) Halloween costume a couple of years ago ….and the closet became liberated from there.

Anyway, I like to share things that excite me.  These excite me in that trivial materialistic way I quasi hate myself for indulging in …but to covet is human, right?  It’s a give and take balance (donate or sell older things to make room for the new …or simply new to me in most cases).

***HAPPY DANCE …tall and snazzy happy dance!***

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