kenneth branagh: record setting diverse trophy guy!

I’m aaaaaawesome at eeeeeeverything! rar.

Kenneth Branagh has yet to take home an Oscar, but, he has the bragging right of being nominated five times in his career …in five different categories!  The guy is a cinematic renaissance man.  Before he was just known as simply being really, really good at adapting Shakespeare …and Harry Potter greatness …and screwing over Emma Thompson (but for the sake of today’s point, that will be over looked as not being on topic).

The man’s most recent nomination for Best Supporting Actor in My Week With Marilyn puts in him in the record books as one of the most diversely celebrated actors in cinema history.  Don’t get me started over the drool worthy parallels of Branagh portraying Sir Lawrence Olivier …because I can geek out on that for longer than you’d care to hear about.  ANYWAY, his previous nominations (in chronological order) are:

1992 – Swan Song – Best Live Action Short Film

1989 – Henry V - Best Director AND Best Actor

1996 – Hamlet – Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

2012 – My Week With Marilyn – Best Supporting Actor

Good luck this time around at the Oscars against Jonah Hill (now there’s something I never thought I’d say …though I wouldn’t be too concerned about that)

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