it’s moments like this I wish I had long skinny legs

“Oh …hey …just hanging out looking fabulous in my pirate knee socks …pants-free is the way for me!”

I’m fine with my short strong legs.  I generally don’t have super model envy.  Short is adorable (and highly underestimated in a scrappy fight …I could head butt this lady in the stomach because that’s where my eye line would be …she literally wouldn’t see me coming: SURPRISE!).  But sometimes I see outfits that I know for a fact can only be pulled off with long lanky stems.  I’m not saying I’d strut around in the outfit above (or how about I totally would), but it would be nice to know the option is on the table.

It’d also be nice to be able to reach things in the kitchen cabinets without having to climb on the counters like a child trying to reach the cookies.  I’m a grownup (or so the numbers dictate) cookies should be easily accessible to me by now!  Sigh.

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