mad men countdown begins!

Ready to rock!

Due to some discrepancies between AMC and the show’s creator Matthew Weiner (in short, the network is greedy and wanted to cut time off the show for more ad space and have more product placement in the show itself and, understandably, this pissed the guy off because his show is one of the the network’s hottest commodities so he should have a little more say as he’s protective of his show …blegh).  ANYWAY, because of that noise, season 5 of Mad Men has been held off for a long time.  Considering it’s one of my favorite shows on the air right now …this has left me with DVDs.

I cannot watch anymore old episodes for a while.  I managed to burn myself out on them.  It has been a long time.

Two months from yesterday and counting!…. (but who’s counting?)

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