“Downton Abbey” …I don’t get the appeal.

pretty to look at, yes, but…

There was been a lot of hype about the Masterpiece Classic show Downton Abbey …it looked like something I might enjoy.  Dame Maggie Smith is in it, that was enough for me to try it out.  As always, Netflix conveniently has made the first seven episodes available on their streaming service.

It is absolutely beautiful to look at in terms of costumes, sets and cinematography.  Dame Smith is fantastic as always.  It is set during an interesting turning point in time (early 1900s).  Well, I guess most times are turning points, but still …it’s not a Jane Austen adaptation which is half of what I was expecting.  However, I am not finding it very compelling.  Granted, I am watching it while I’m working on my Adobe Illustrator project for school (fun, fun times all around) so my focus is not 100%  But yeah, it’s soothing to have on but not something I’d say I’m hooked on.  I get hooked on shows easily when they are well done original programming, and this is well done original programming.  Hmm.  Oh well. I just feel like I’m missing something because people REALLY like it.

Then again, a lot of people REALLY like the Kardashians …no accounting for what people are drawn to.

(Let’s just make it VERY clear that I am NOT comparing the two in actuality …that’s comparing an organic apple to a plastic orange …with massive false eye lashes and a bandage wrap mini dress …now there’s an image).

But you know what I am looking forward to from Masterpiece Classic?  Their adaptation of Great Expectations …a very eerie interesting story that, I feel, has yet to be captured on film properly.  This version has me interested and optimistic.  The second part airs in a couple of days.  I’ll just hold out for the inevitable Netflix streaming.  Time will tell.

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