“the world’s greatest lover” …the movie, that is

another candidate for what to hang over my bed…

File this under “How have I not seen this before?!”  Seriously, how have I not seen this before?!

Gene Wilder‘s (as in directed, wrote and starred in) The World’s Greatest Lover.  This quickly made my list of very favorite Wilder films.  It’s good comedy when someone can put it on 35 years after it was made and still laugh all the way through.  It’s like Mel Brooks and Woody Allen had a baby movie and this was it.  That sounds like a super annoying baby, I know this, but trust and watch it anyway …it’s hysterical.  (except you mom, you’d just call it “obnoxious” or some other such name ..it’s just not going to be your cup of tea).  Wilder is a genius.  I already knew that, but I felt like I was watching the best he had to offer here.  Well, better late than never coming to that party!

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