charlie chaplin lives

…and he rides the Hollywood Metro line (tough times…)

Yesterday was a magical day.  It wasn’t particularly a good mood sort of day, but at least I can boast that I kept myself open to the little amazing pleasures the day can bring around here.

As it turned out, my 20th century history professor had surgery  a few of days ago and decided to come teach anyway.  It could fall under the category of “Amazing.”  Let’s just say there were a lot of F bombs dropped, eye rolls and words invented.

It was amazing.

I had on one of my (current) very favorite sun dresses on…even if the “boho” trend dies, let’s just say I’ll wear it anyway. It has one of those flowy layered skirts that catches the wind and make me look more ethereal than I actually am (*note, actually means not really ethereal at all). Plus, it has a hugging plunging neckline that only works on the smaller chested ladies and reminds me why I’m A-okay with the “classy ‘nice collarbone’ neckline.”  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re either (A) a guy or (B) one of those women with huge breasts (either purchased or real and you think it’s your only positive attribute so you display them to to an …unnecessary degree…)  It gives the gift of: even on your frumpiest feeling day you put it on and feel …pretty.  That’s a pretty amazing dress (watch me step on the end in the midst of a gratuitous twirl and tear it …or something way more positive than that …but let’s face it, I tear and/or stain most textiles I own).

So the “twirly” dress made the day better (or at least my outlook), as did my eccentric history lesson …then I see what you see above: Charlie Chaplin (ish) on my red line.  I couldn’t stop smiling at the sight.  Yes, I know he was probably on his way home from a day of working the tourists outside of the Chinese Theater (nothing wrong with that …that has to be a hard day’s work). He didn’t say anything, but he did tip hit little hat at his stop and walked off along his way.

That was amazing.

Okay, maybe not as amazing as seeing the real deal …but since that’s not an option, this was just great.  It’s not something I’d see living in most other places.  Whenever I get stir crazy, it’s nice to be reminded of the little wonders in my current back yard.

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