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u.s. military recruit rejections highest reason is “obesity”

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

According to a Cornell University study, the number one reason potential army recruits are rejected is because they are obese making up 23% of rejected applications.  Marijuana use comes in second making up 12% of rejected applicants (which then leads to snacking …which leads to #1!  It’s a vicious cycle).

“When the military first started using these weight requirements, they were trying to weed out [those who were] malnourished,” said Professor John Cawley, who noted that the weight requirement is now used to filter out overweight applicants.

Sadly, that doesn’t really come as a big surprise to me that obesity has become such a country-wide issue.  Amusingly, it comes as no surprise that weed is up there …that’s funny.

fat talk free week …best idea EVER.

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Starting tomorrow, many collages across the country will be participating in Fat Talk Free Week (read about it on one of my very favorite self-image/make other feel good movements Operation Beautiful …which is worthy of it’s own post, but for now …just go look into it and enjoy for yourself).  This event will make people aware of the mention of weight and the comments that make people question their body image. Even a comment such as “Wow, you look so good — have you lost weight?” can have a psychological effect.

For this campaign the message is, “friends don’t let friends fat-talk.”  The goal is to help girls understand that the ideal thinness that is supported by pop culture and the media should be rejected and a healthier more realistic lifestyle should be adopted.

This is the third annual Fat-Talk Free Week.  The program was started at Trinity University in San Antonio.   A professor of psychology thought of the idea and began to implement it at the school.  One of the exercises is to take off your clothes, stand in front of a mirror and only say things you like about yourself.  Hey, it can be a lot more difficult than it sounds for some people.

According to Eric Stice, a psychologist at the Oregon Research Institute explained that as humans, we often connect our beliefs and our actions.  By helping women speak and act against the thin ideal creates an uncomfortable psychological state which in turn leads to a change in beliefs.  After two two-hour sessions of the reflections program a Rutgers University sorority decided to remove all of the scales in their house.  This shows that making healthy images for yourself can create healthy behavior.

Another participant from Vanderbilt University said that her and her roommate are working together to ban the “fat talk.” If she says that she NEEDS to go for a run, her roommate will correct her and say , “no, you WANT to go on a run.”

I think that this is a GREAT program since there are so many girls (and boys too) that suffer from eating disorders.  I don’t think this needs to be limited to colleges, though it’s a great organized place to start …and it’s easier to instill these beliefs in people when they’re younger.  We are all guilty of thinking in these negative unhealthy terms, it’s so habitual, it’s so much easier said than done to control.  I would like to make it a point to not accidentally bash myself or anyone else for body type.

I’ve been trying to be better about that for a long time.  I’m not really interested in standing in front of a mirror complimenting myself.  I can see how it would be beneficial, but I don’t need more than a mental reminder myself.  I’m all for positive thinking and talking with one another.  Again, if you grow up around images, self-deprecation (otherwise people mistake “confident in yourself” with “full of yourself”) and fat jokes being acceptable …it becomes a hard habit to break.  We’re so used to it, we don’t even realize how toxic that sort of talk is.  So let’s start with a week and strive to make it a habit for life!

I’m not in support of everyone walking around like unhealthy blobs, I just think people should live as healthy as they can and not feel so BADLY about not hitting a certain skinny standard.  There are much better things to think about in life than that.

evidently wearing shades of red or orange will give you a better workout result

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Ready for the craziest sounding fitness tip ever?

It turns out that wearing shades of red or orange while working out can increase your blood circulation and body temperature. You can also stay energized longer by wearing those colors.

Funny, I had boring black and gray on during today’s workout and I bumped my run up by about a mile within the same time frame (yeah!)  I don’t know how true or not true that tid bit is just because an article said so.  I can tell you the right gym play list and self-motivation are really great ways to increase workout productivity!

the ice cube diet

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

There are a ton of completely absurd diet trends out there.  I don’t pay attention to pretty much any of them, but this one was so stupid I had to share.  Don’t get any ideas.  This is just so we can gape over how scary it is that people would go to measures like this to slim down.  So, the most recent of the wacky weight loss solutions is The Ice Cube Diet.

These ice cubes contain more than 97% of hoodia, which is a plant extract that is believed to your appetite and cravings, mixed with lemon juice.  This doesn’t sound too bad at first, if balanced with small portioned nutritional diet.  However, hoodia has been a controversial topic in the health market.

Dietician Roberta Anding commented on hoodia saying :

Pfizer actually tried to develop this into a drug and stopped its clinical trials without any real explanation, and Unilever, which makes Slim-Fast, was going to make a drink with Hoodia and they also discontinued development.

Uh.  Now it is not sounding too good …just be smart about it people!  Don’t eat mountains of crap and get your ass moving.  You might not get the instant gratification you’d get from these stupid fad diets, but you also won’t hurt yourself or gain all the weight back *and more* when you buckle (and you will).

8 glasses of mineral water should help plump out the wrinkles

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

For a long time, dermatologists, beauty experts and pretty much everyone you know has told you to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, if you want to keep your skin looking beautiful. That maybe true, but they haven’t been telling you is that if you really want to take care of the lines on your face, you need a specific kind of water!

The last few years have found many scientists skeptical of this theory that water helps keep the skin doing youthful, so a new study was hatched to see how it held up. For eight weeks, a group of female participants were instructed to drink one and a half litters of water a day. Half of the woman were given simple tap water. The other, mineral water.

After the eight weeks, the women had their pictures taken using a fancy-schmancy camera that reads the depth of wrinkles, among other things. The woman who drank tap water saw a 19% reduction. Not bad, not bad. But wait…

Those who drank the mineral water saw an astonishing 24% reduction.

So there it is.  Start guzzling some mineral water, until a different study shows otherwise.