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melissa mccarthy: oscar nominated

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012


AS SHE SHOULD BE!!!!  Color me surprised when I took a gander at the Oscar nominations and Melissa McCarthy got recognized for Best Supporting actress for her role in (easily) one of my very favorite movies of 2011 Bridesmaids.  While being surrounded by a strong flawless cast of comediennes, she was hands down the show stopper of the film.  The Academy Awards usually take themselves so seriously, it’s nice to see them recognize this performance.  I firmly believe, when done WELL, comedy is harder than drama.  However, I also noticed two women from The Help were nominated in that category as well.  It was a good enough movie, but Oscar nominations, really?  So really, there’s no accounting for taste.  I stand by my opinion on that event being good for nothing but a fashion show and has nothing to do with films since it’s all industry paid for anyway …but that doesn’t take away from my excitement for McCarthy -yay!  I’m happy she was nominated.  If she actually manages to take home the win I’ll be surprised, but it’ll be a really happy surprise.  I’d love to see that, but I’m guessing someone from one of the more traditional Oscar picks will take it (“The Artist” anyone?)

McCarthy has already promised to refrain from swearing or saying anything inappropriate at Glenn Close when she attends the generally stuffy ceremony.  Oh I don’t know, I think Glenn would be amused.

hi my name is Elias, won’t you be my family?

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

I dare you not to “aaaaaaaaw!”

Every so often I go onto to see what dogs are in need of adoption.  It’s masochistic because I want to save them all and I can’t.  I really want to find a “sibling” for Bowser because he is a very loving and social dog who thrives around a proper playmate.  Right now is simply not the right time for the responsibility of another dog.  I came across this pup and melted into a puddle.  Based off the description, he’d have way too much energy for me to keep up with anyway.  However, he’s going to be a fantastic addition to the right home.

His name is Elias.  He’s a 4 month old Australian Cattle mix (the only kind of breed I look at now that I’ve experienced Bows).  This means he’s a smart dog …and this breed tends to need tasks and activities since they’re a working dog.  There are exceptions to the rule.  Bowser is very smart, loves to play and walk …but will go on strike if you expect too much of a workout from him.  I need another dog with a similar personality.  Elias isn’t it, but I know plenty of people out there would be a great match!  I doubt he’ll have a hard time being adopted, but I wanted to do my small part to spread the word.  All rescue dogs come with up to date shots, are fixed (or if too young, will cover the cost AND EXPECT that you take care of that at the appropriate time) and are micro chipped.

You will never feel anything better than saving an animal and giving it a safe and loving home.  Trust me, that animal will pay you back with SO much love and appreciation you won’t know what to do with yourself!  You can rest easy knowing your pet didn’t come from a cruel puppy mill.  Read up on them, it will make you sick to your stomach and you’ll never be able to go in a pet shop again.  Not to mention (and I know I’ve mentioned it before) mutts make the BEST pets.  You don’t have to worry about mental/physical deficiencies from inbreeding.

Elias certainly isn’t the only one out there.  There’s an animal out there for everyone (if they have the time and ability).  In fact, there are lots and lots of animals that aren’t adorable little puppies that pretty much sell themselves that are just waiting to be saved.  But you just never know.  I just saw a poor 6 month old dog in San Bernardino up for last call before he is killed.  He doesn’t even get a name, he gets a number: A412222.  It makes my eyes tear up just thinking about it.  This sweet, beautiful boy is going to be taken away from his life before he even got a chance simply because of irresponsibility and nobody taking a chance on him.  I’d better stop right now or I’m going to run out and try to save him myself….

Please, click on the link for either dog and see what you can do …one was just so damn cute I had to post something.  The other is in such immediate danger (and VERY cute/smart…all vital ingredients for a wonderful pet) I HAD to share.  If I had more info. on the sweet little guy on death row, I’d make more of a post. Check out Petfinder for yourself and see if you can help.

disney FINALLY ends the beard oppression!

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

“What do you mean I have to shave my beard?!”

It has been a long known fact that Disney has always had a very strict facial hair policy when it comes to their cast members.  As in, you can’t have any.  Well, they did lighten up back in 2000 and allowed their employees to have mustaches …just so long as it was grown during time off work.  I always found it funny (funny-ironic, not funny-haha) that Walt himself had a signature ‘stache (no really, think about it …can you think of an image where he didn’t have one? …Exactly) and yet he strictly prohibited them under his own park grooming restrictions.

Starting February 3rd, employees from the parks in both California and Florida will be allowed to grow whatever they want on their face.  I’m sure there will be standards that should be obvious in any work place (you know, please keep your chin pubes clean …no critters are allowed to live in said beard unless it’s an approved trademarked Disney character …and anything you grow will be assumed automatic property of the Disney corporation).  Naturally rules and restrictions will apply.  BUT, it’s nice to know that after close to 60 years, the company can bend the rules a little.  Oh you party animals, don’t go too crazy over there…

frankie goes to hollywood (the roxy, to be specific)

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

now this can be construed as ‘glitz and glam’ …of sorts

No, for the record I haven’t fallen off that proverbial horse of being better about keeping up with writing.  I was off having a little adventure.  COOL NEW BAND ALERT!  You might have heard it here first, and you’re welcome.

I will preface that I cringe having to be “that girl” who goes on about her boyfriend’s band.  I’d be even more embarrassed given that I have wandered into that age range of “adult …like not anywhere stuck between teen and adult …but actual adult” (as much as I don’t feel that way most of the time) …and I’m still with someone in a band.  But I’m not embarrassed about any of it. Quite the opposite.  First of all, I truly believe in the band and think they’re easily likable and great at what they do.  It’s classic with a twist.  Think if Easy Rider, The Doors and a splash of Does It Offend You, Yeah? had a baby.  That baby would be named Frankie Marathon.  Think Head Automatica before they made Popaganda (hey, we all make mistakes).

Second of all, I’m not embarrassed about being a grown ass lady with a “band guy” boyfriend because I understand what it feels like to desire something out of life that isn’t necessarily the road most traveled.  For the past six years I’ve known him, making music is all he has wanted to do.  Well, actually, there have been a lot of random things he has wanted to do …but music has been the one steadfast desire.  I admire that he never let his creative interests be fully be eclipsed by life’s more mundane requirements.  To one extent or another, he has always been working on something musical -even if it was just for himself.  Well now he has figured out how to make a healthy living for himself with the flexibility of making music he can perform and share! …and I LOVE what he is bringing to the table.

So yeah, you’ll be hearing quite a lot about Frankie Marathon from here on out.  Because I believe with every fiber that they are worth discovering.  Though it is sort of fun and hipster-cool (which I’m not, I’ve long since fallen out of touch since pop culture has taken quite a tumble in my ever so humble opinion) to feel like I’m in on an amazing band people haven’t heard of yet …good music is for sharing.

Of course everyone is prone to some level of being biased.  But, it should be well established I’m generally pretty outspoken about things I like and don’t like.  If my fella was in a band I didn’t love, I wouldn’t be going on about them (and he has been …they were good for their chosen genre, but not my cup of tea … so I supported of course, but I wasn’t exactly rushing out to sing their praises).

Friday night they put on a show at The Roxy Theatre on the infamous Sunset Strip.  It wasn’t their first show.  They’ve played other venues, and every show has been good.  But Friday night felt like a departure.  It doesn’t quite feel like the birth of a band until you see them on a classic stage taking strangers by surprise.  Most people don’t expect to get their socks rocked off anymore when they head out to a local indie show.  One of my best friends in the world took the trouble to fly down for it and I think it’s safe to say they were so great, she felt she got her money’s worth.  That explains my momentary absence from the writing.  In fact, they were so good that they were written up by and got their article on the front page of the site.  Not too shabby for the opening act.

Yes, they have a Facebook page (if you haven’t already, you should “like” them …because as much of an aversion I have to the site, there’s no denying it has a lot to do with success …after all, musical success is generally a popularity contest …how are promoters supposed to know how cool you are if you don’t have a fabulous Facebook page?)  Yes, they have their EP on iTunes.  It’s called “Enthusiasm Flags.”  The best $5.94 you’ll ever spend (quite a bargain, considering).  Pressed albums are coming in the next couple of weeks, with new material coming shortly after that.

There will be touring to come, but in the meantime, if you’re in the Southern California area there are upcoming shows in the works.  The recorded material is good stuff, but to see them live exceeds all else.  You will leave feeling like you experienced something good, really good …and refreshed by the fact that there is something so good out there to enjoy in a world full of less than interesting entertainment.  That said, they will be performing for your pleasure on Thursday February 2nd at The Doll Hut in Anaheim, Friday February 3rd at Amplify on Melrose, another show at The Roxy on Saturday February 18th (they were invited back real quick) and on Sunday February 26th at Di Piazza’s in Long Beach.  There is also a show that is just about to be confirmed for The Whiskey A Go-Go in March.

There you have it.  You have all the information.  Go, listen to them and if you like what you hear “like” them in the cyber sense on Facebook.  Then head over to a show and see what I’m talking about first hand.  If you end up not agreeing with me, feel free to write me back calling me a bold-faced liar and to print that there are opposing thoughts on the matter.  I’ll do it as penance for wasting your time.  I’m that confident in my boasting.  If I were smarter, I’d have just pressed my excitement for this “up and coming” band without mentioning it’s my fella’s project BUT what can I say?  I’m just too proud of his good work. Let a gal brag a little.

Enjoy and spread the gospel that is Frankie Marathon.

oh, cool, they found a severed head in my back yard…

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Oh yeah, it’s all glitz and glam around here…

Okay, so not exactly my back yard.  But close, eerily close.  I pretty much live right below the Hollywood sign nestled up in the hills.  I enjoy feeling like I’m removed from things and am surrounded by an unexpected amount of nature while at the same time I can drive 5 minutes down and be in the middle of Hollywood.  It’s rather ideal to me.  No, I’m not trying to sound like a cool kid, actually, it comes with a ton of annoyances …but not as big as what I’m about to share, so more on those other pesky annoyances at a later date.

So last night, there were (at least!) two police choppers flying around my neighborhood.  One was hovering and the other had a search light grazing the area.  This is went on ALL night.  This morning/afternoon they were STILL out there!  I know, that doesn’t sound like anything.  But trust me, it gets old fast.  This is a very lovely neighborhood.  In fact, despite the unique annoyances of living where I do, I remind myself that I’m a very lucky lady getting to reside where I do and consequently shut up (mostly). I’m accustomed to the occasional idiot thinking it’s a good idea to try climbing to the (very restricted and supervised) sign and a cop will come out and that will be that.  Well…they found a human head today …not attached to a body.  Then they found a human hand, I’m assuming it was once attached to the same body the head was once on.  Well, that just REALLY puts the other “annoyances” in perspective.   Those choppers are starting to make sense.  I wonder what else they’ve found since…

I don’t have much specific information.  I don’t watch the news.  Hey, it would usually be talking about something like the Golden Globes’ dress hits and misses …that is L.A. news …it seriously is.  Or, it’s negative stuff I can’t do anything about and it’s being spun for entertainment purposes/ratings.  Gross.  So, I have some article reading to do.  I guess.  I don’t know how much I want to know.  I enjoy walking my dog (Bowser, in case you weren’t in the know) without feeling skeeved out. It feels like a morbid thing to read up on all the details…given the fact…it now is what it is.  But it certainly felt like something to mention under the category of “things going on in my neighborhood.”

Anyway, thought that was an interesting goings-on in my neighborhood.  How are things in yours?

UPDATE:  Still not a lot of information aside from it being a 60 something year old man’s head.  A DOG came trotting out from the bushes with the head in its mouth on a hike (SEE?! My fear regarding my Hollywood Hill hikes with Bowser aren’t exactly unwarranted! …and to think I used to only really be concerned about rattle snakes and coyotes …bo-ring).  Oh, and they found another hand …it’s like a morbid Easter hunt around here.  Lovely.