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kenneth branagh: record setting diverse trophy guy!

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

I’m aaaaaawesome at eeeeeeverything! rar.

Kenneth Branagh has yet to take home an Oscar, but, he has the bragging right of being nominated five times in his career …in five different categories!  The guy is a cinematic renaissance man.  Before he was just known as simply being really, really good at adapting Shakespeare …and Harry Potter greatness …and screwing over Emma Thompson (but for the sake of today’s point, that will be over looked as not being on topic).

The man’s most recent nomination for Best Supporting Actor in My Week With Marilyn puts in him in the record books as one of the most diversely celebrated actors in cinema history.  Don’t get me started over the drool worthy parallels of Branagh portraying Sir Lawrence Olivier …because I can geek out on that for longer than you’d care to hear about.  ANYWAY, his previous nominations (in chronological order) are:

1992 – Swan Song – Best Live Action Short Film

1989 – Henry V - Best Director AND Best Actor

1996 – Hamlet – Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

2012 – My Week With Marilyn – Best Supporting Actor

Good luck this time around at the Oscars against Jonah Hill (now there’s something I never thought I’d say …though I wouldn’t be too concerned about that)

disney FINALLY ends the beard oppression!

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

“What do you mean I have to shave my beard?!”

It has been a long known fact that Disney has always had a very strict facial hair policy when it comes to their cast members.  As in, you can’t have any.  Well, they did lighten up back in 2000 and allowed their employees to have mustaches …just so long as it was grown during time off work.  I always found it funny (funny-ironic, not funny-haha) that Walt himself had a signature ‘stache (no really, think about it …can you think of an image where he didn’t have one? …Exactly) and yet he strictly prohibited them under his own park grooming restrictions.

Starting February 3rd, employees from the parks in both California and Florida will be allowed to grow whatever they want on their face.  I’m sure there will be standards that should be obvious in any work place (you know, please keep your chin pubes clean …no critters are allowed to live in said beard unless it’s an approved trademarked Disney character …and anything you grow will be assumed automatic property of the Disney corporation).  Naturally rules and restrictions will apply.  BUT, it’s nice to know that after close to 60 years, the company can bend the rules a little.  Oh you party animals, don’t go too crazy over there…

chanel no. 5 slummed it in jersey at one point

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

A new book is out revealing the secrets of Chanel’s most iconic fragrance No. 5 and one of them hits close to home.  According to the author of The Secret History of Chanel No. 5 the perfume used to be manufactured in New Jersey!  Thanks to World War II, Coco Chanel had no choice but to smuggle her materials across the Atlantic to Chanel No. 5′s temporary new home in Hoboken.

Once the war was over Coco, who called the whole ordeal “monstrous”, hightailed it back to France where production is still going on.

lady gaga sets a wax museum record

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Not only will she be inducted into Madame Tussauds museums around the world, but eight of Lady Gaga‘s wax likenesses will be present.  The reveal of her eight different looks will be the biggest figure launch in the history of the museum.

The eight GaGas are:

Lady in Lace:
Alex Noble lace body stocking and Philip Tracey face mask topped off with Marie Antoinette style hairstyle. As seen at The Brit Awards 2010.

Phillip Tracey telephone hat paired with a black Armani coat, flared trousers and towering heels. As seen on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross in 2010.

Black Marjan Pejoski Body suit with oversized black neck fuff and sleek, super straight platinum hair. As seen at a press conference in Seoul, South Korea.

Kinky Boots:
Short black Bruno Pieters leather body suit cut away to reveal black lace bra, quirky “disc” hat and thigh high black boots. As worn in London in 2009.

Mini Mouse:
Off one shoulder black latex body suit with long straight hair topped off with “mini mouse” style buns. As seen at the BBC Radio 1 studios in London.

Hair Hat:
Gaga’s own blonde locks splayed out into a huge sunhat teamed with black see-through net dress. As seen at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Wired “wing” dress with lightning “eye”:
Short black Orschel-Read strapless dress with wired, thigh high patent boots. As worn on Wetten Dass..? in Germany.

Big Hair:
Towering purple hair piece atop waist length platinum locks, with nude Maison Martin Margiela bodysuit, white blazer and huge platforms. As seen outside Phoenix Hotel in Denmark.

Excellent.  I would most definitely make a special trip to the creepy ol’ wax museum to ham it up next to the many looks of GaGa.  She has SO many looks, I wonder how they wound up narrowing the choices down to a mere 8.

facebook predicts when your relationship will end

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

According to some disheartening data collected from Facebook status updates, patterns have surfaced related to break-ups.  I must admit, while it’s creepy when they abuse personal information …it’s useful and interesting to see results as a mass-data collection.  They do happen to have access to almost everyone’s personal life from all over the place and they can spot trends in the large numbers better than some skimpy survey on the subject.  And yet …I’m still not terribly interested in re-joining the Facebook universe myself.  Hmm.

It seems that relationships tend to end on Mondays, right before Spring Break, two weeks before Christmas, and before the summer holidays.  Basically any time someone isn’t happy in their relationship and is not looking to be tied down during fun-times (weekends and vacation heavy times) or major present giving time is when.

Ugh. You’ve been warned.