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they have a fight. triangle wins. triangle man. *accordion solo*

Friday, January 27th, 2012

For no particular reason, I’ve been having a huge Renaissance with  with They Might Be Giants‘ “Particle Man.”  Everyone has that song they put on, and without fail, they feel warmer and fuzzier …at the moment, this song does that for me.  Any time my fella wants to make me laugh, he puts “Cotton Eye Joe” on.  No, I don’t regard it as a great song …it’s simply the dumbest song ever which equals hilarious to me.  However, THIS song is a prolific nostalgic song.  I dare you to not to do some sort of slow hippy dance to it while you clap your hands, I dare you.

(I’m pretty sure it’s playing some sort of role regarding mental warfare for poor Bowser…)

frankie goes to hollywood (the roxy, to be specific)

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

now this can be construed as ‘glitz and glam’ …of sorts

No, for the record I haven’t fallen off that proverbial horse of being better about keeping up with writing.  I was off having a little adventure.  COOL NEW BAND ALERT!  You might have heard it here first, and you’re welcome.

I will preface that I cringe having to be “that girl” who goes on about her boyfriend’s band.  I’d be even more embarrassed given that I have wandered into that age range of “adult …like not anywhere stuck between teen and adult …but actual adult” (as much as I don’t feel that way most of the time) …and I’m still with someone in a band.  But I’m not embarrassed about any of it. Quite the opposite.  First of all, I truly believe in the band and think they’re easily likable and great at what they do.  It’s classic with a twist.  Think if Easy Rider, The Doors and a splash of Does It Offend You, Yeah? had a baby.  That baby would be named Frankie Marathon.  Think Head Automatica before they made Popaganda (hey, we all make mistakes).

Second of all, I’m not embarrassed about being a grown ass lady with a “band guy” boyfriend because I understand what it feels like to desire something out of life that isn’t necessarily the road most traveled.  For the past six years I’ve known him, making music is all he has wanted to do.  Well, actually, there have been a lot of random things he has wanted to do …but music has been the one steadfast desire.  I admire that he never let his creative interests be fully be eclipsed by life’s more mundane requirements.  To one extent or another, he has always been working on something musical -even if it was just for himself.  Well now he has figured out how to make a healthy living for himself with the flexibility of making music he can perform and share! …and I LOVE what he is bringing to the table.

So yeah, you’ll be hearing quite a lot about Frankie Marathon from here on out.  Because I believe with every fiber that they are worth discovering.  Though it is sort of fun and hipster-cool (which I’m not, I’ve long since fallen out of touch since pop culture has taken quite a tumble in my ever so humble opinion) to feel like I’m in on an amazing band people haven’t heard of yet …good music is for sharing.

Of course everyone is prone to some level of being biased.  But, it should be well established I’m generally pretty outspoken about things I like and don’t like.  If my fella was in a band I didn’t love, I wouldn’t be going on about them (and he has been …they were good for their chosen genre, but not my cup of tea … so I supported of course, but I wasn’t exactly rushing out to sing their praises).

Friday night they put on a show at The Roxy Theatre on the infamous Sunset Strip.  It wasn’t their first show.  They’ve played other venues, and every show has been good.  But Friday night felt like a departure.  It doesn’t quite feel like the birth of a band until you see them on a classic stage taking strangers by surprise.  Most people don’t expect to get their socks rocked off anymore when they head out to a local indie show.  One of my best friends in the world took the trouble to fly down for it and I think it’s safe to say they were so great, she felt she got her money’s worth.  That explains my momentary absence from the writing.  In fact, they were so good that they were written up by and got their article on the front page of the site.  Not too shabby for the opening act.

Yes, they have a Facebook page (if you haven’t already, you should “like” them …because as much of an aversion I have to the site, there’s no denying it has a lot to do with success …after all, musical success is generally a popularity contest …how are promoters supposed to know how cool you are if you don’t have a fabulous Facebook page?)  Yes, they have their EP on iTunes.  It’s called “Enthusiasm Flags.”  The best $5.94 you’ll ever spend (quite a bargain, considering).  Pressed albums are coming in the next couple of weeks, with new material coming shortly after that.

There will be touring to come, but in the meantime, if you’re in the Southern California area there are upcoming shows in the works.  The recorded material is good stuff, but to see them live exceeds all else.  You will leave feeling like you experienced something good, really good …and refreshed by the fact that there is something so good out there to enjoy in a world full of less than interesting entertainment.  That said, they will be performing for your pleasure on Thursday February 2nd at The Doll Hut in Anaheim, Friday February 3rd at Amplify on Melrose, another show at The Roxy on Saturday February 18th (they were invited back real quick) and on Sunday February 26th at Di Piazza’s in Long Beach.  There is also a show that is just about to be confirmed for The Whiskey A Go-Go in March.

There you have it.  You have all the information.  Go, listen to them and if you like what you hear “like” them in the cyber sense on Facebook.  Then head over to a show and see what I’m talking about first hand.  If you end up not agreeing with me, feel free to write me back calling me a bold-faced liar and to print that there are opposing thoughts on the matter.  I’ll do it as penance for wasting your time.  I’m that confident in my boasting.  If I were smarter, I’d have just pressed my excitement for this “up and coming” band without mentioning it’s my fella’s project BUT what can I say?  I’m just too proud of his good work. Let a gal brag a little.

Enjoy and spread the gospel that is Frankie Marathon.

janet jackson is a-okay with lady gaga

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Janet Jackson recently told Larry King in an interview that she loves Lady GaGa for her talent and even compared her to  Grace Jones.

She says:

“I love her. I enjoy her music. I feel that she came along and she introduced something a little bit different for the people of today. For myself, I don’t mean this in a negative way at all, it’s a little reminiscent of Grace Jones, how big and out there her costumes are.

I think she is very talented; she writes her own music and has a wonderful voice. I had the opportunity of meeting her for the first time, at a concert of hers. I knew of her before she became the Lady GaGa everyone knows. Her story was incredible and when I knew of this artist, I was rooting for her before she had gotten this recording contract.”

Can you imagine if these two did a duet together? It has to happen, it’s inevitable…

lady gaga sets a wax museum record

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Not only will she be inducted into Madame Tussauds museums around the world, but eight of Lady Gaga‘s wax likenesses will be present.  The reveal of her eight different looks will be the biggest figure launch in the history of the museum.

The eight GaGas are:

Lady in Lace:
Alex Noble lace body stocking and Philip Tracey face mask topped off with Marie Antoinette style hairstyle. As seen at The Brit Awards 2010.

Phillip Tracey telephone hat paired with a black Armani coat, flared trousers and towering heels. As seen on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross in 2010.

Black Marjan Pejoski Body suit with oversized black neck fuff and sleek, super straight platinum hair. As seen at a press conference in Seoul, South Korea.

Kinky Boots:
Short black Bruno Pieters leather body suit cut away to reveal black lace bra, quirky “disc” hat and thigh high black boots. As worn in London in 2009.

Mini Mouse:
Off one shoulder black latex body suit with long straight hair topped off with “mini mouse” style buns. As seen at the BBC Radio 1 studios in London.

Hair Hat:
Gaga’s own blonde locks splayed out into a huge sunhat teamed with black see-through net dress. As seen at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Wired “wing” dress with lightning “eye”:
Short black Orschel-Read strapless dress with wired, thigh high patent boots. As worn on Wetten Dass..? in Germany.

Big Hair:
Towering purple hair piece atop waist length platinum locks, with nude Maison Martin Margiela bodysuit, white blazer and huge platforms. As seen outside Phoenix Hotel in Denmark.

Excellent.  I would most definitely make a special trip to the creepy ol’ wax museum to ham it up next to the many looks of GaGa.  She has SO many looks, I wonder how they wound up narrowing the choices down to a mere 8.

lily allen rushed to hospital for septicaemia

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Just days after suffering a miscarriage, Lily Allen was rushed to the hospital Friday night and is now being treated for septicaemia, which is a bacterial infection of the blood.  Septicaemia is said to be possibly life threatening and is caused by bacteria invading the bloodstream of an infection.

Her publicist says she is “responding well” to the treatment and that her “condition continues to improve.”

He also added:

“Lily thanks everyone for their messages of support and again asks that she and partner Sam Cooper be left alone whilst she recovers.”

Lily has suffered such a traumatic week and I just hope she has a speedy recovery.  So she can deal with the emotional pain and move forward.  Poor thing…