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fresh white lilies = best thing in the whole world

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Mine are in a more personally preferable receptacle …but the point is …flowers are pretty, get you some!

I mentioned this ages ago when I was excited about peony season, but, it never hurts to repeat:

Everyone ought to indulge themselves with fresh flowers in their space.  If you are one of the poor souls who is so allergic you can’t have them around, I’m a jerk just rubbing it in and never mind this.  If you’re just straight up poor, pick some flowers and put them in a Coke bottle (or any other cool bottle you washed out …there are so many out there …Mexican beer bottles are another suggestion).  In the right season, I enjoy picking a handful of wild flowers on my hikes with the dog.  It’s free and brightens up the room.

My absolute favorite is to treat myself to fresh cut white lilies.  I adore everything about them.  Their smell is up there with gardenias and peonies for me (those are more season specific, so casablanca lilies are my favorite go-to).  They look just as cool closed as open.  I’m not a big fan of bouquets.  Stems alone are perfect, and as they die (the part that makes me sad every time, despite the inevitable living being factor) you simply put them in smaller container and move it to wherever its new size makes sense in the room.  The ol’ vase-to-jar-to bottle change-up.

I’ve been keeping fresh flowers in one form or another for as long as I’ve had my own space to keep them and to this day I look over at them and feel good.  If I had to pick between flowers for the week or a new bottle of nail polish for the year, I’d still pick the flowers (assuming I still have my little drawer of pre-existing bottles stashed away …hey, my toes need the extra help).

I keep mine on the end table where I sit on the couch so I can see/smell them as much as possible.  Even when I’m just walking by, I almost always stop and smell the …lilies.  Roses don’t get all the fun.  It’s good to have something that makes you want to stop for a minute and enjoy the simple things.  Bowser is too good at that job.  I find myself constantly stopping to have a love fest.  Flowers take less time and keep you out of trouble because they won’t make you late for things.

If I have to sell you on the idea, your loss.  I just think people consider it an elective.  Consider this, my fella has admitted on more than one occasion that having cut flowers in the room makes a big difference to the environment.  I don’t think they delight him in quite as extreme a way, but he likes having them around.  It’s not something he’d have done for himself (I doubt most straight guys out there would think to) but hey, better late than never.  Then again, he didn’t use trash liners in his garbage can before I met him…

Sigh.  Just go treat yourself will ya?

OH!  Before I forget, I was looking up “fresh cut lilies” on an image search and experienced shock and awe when this came up in the results (no …no I couldn’t just keep to myself, now you have to have it burned in your retinas too):

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens …well, we all have our own set of favorite things…I guess…

don’t call them new year “resolutions” just call them “optimistic goals” and do your best

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

So January is already coming to a close …that’s not to say I haven’t been working on this thing “behind the scenes” …and hey, this is why it’s called an “optimistic goal” …HAPPY NEW YEAR!

…It really takes the pressure off.  But seriously, make good goals and try your best.  Resolutions can be broken, then you shrug and don’t bother to try again until the next year.  In most cases, that’s a lot of time to say “oh well” and not self improve.  With a goal, you can drop the ball (Ha, get it? Just a little belated new years humor for you) …then just pick it up and keep trying.

Oh!  Why hello there. Yeah, I know, it has been a while.  Maintaining my blog is one of my major optimistic goals for the year that I hope to carry into future years.  For a while, I had some legitimate excuses (put all my woman hours into being sumpremely awesome at school …yes, I went back, more on that later …my lil’ old computer got tired out and died after an honorable run of service…)  But here I am with a little break between semesters and a sexy MacBook Pro powered up and ready to do my bidding.  No more excuses, time to start writing again.  Well, unless school starts taking it out of me again …but we’ll jump that bridge on a flaming motorcycle when we get there.

One of the things that was inhibiting me was that I wanted to try handling my blogging in a different way than I had in the past.  More me, less the “Perez” format.  That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy what I was doing before and that it was any less “me,” but I think I’d rather be a little more personal.  Not SUPER personal, c’mon, it’s still a Google-able entity (maybe way down on the search results…but still…).  It’ll still be pretty random; news tid bits that are of interest to me from time to time, movies that I thought may or may not have sucked …but I’d like to make more of an effort to write about the things I do, see, hear, say, etc. Essays, rambling, whatever you want to call them.  I refrained from that in the past because most people said the same thing my teachers would say when I was the only person in the class that would turn in a paper that not only hit the minimum criteria of the word count …but they’d then enforce a maximum word limit to papers.  So, if you complain about things like having to read too much (and hi, if you’re a teacher…that’s sorta your job, you just got lazy with all the two paragraph papers written with Courrier New font …1.5 or double spaced) you can just skip what you don’t like.  This isn’t required reading.  I just hope if you’re here, it’s because you enjoy what’s here. Skim as you see fit.  Besides, on my busier (or lazier) days the post(s) will probably stay on the concise side.

Let’s see, what has changed and what is still so in terms of what I have blathered on about in the past:

Lady Gaga…Yes, I do still love her.  I don’t feel the need to give updates on her as she has hit that point where she can easily do that for herself (I was still talking about her even when she got “big” but you know what I mean …no need to post something daily).  I would like her more if she stayed more cryptic and simply remained a wacky entertainer …because when she opens her mouth in magazines, etc. most of the time she sounds like a douchette.  I think that comes with the territory of being an entertainer.  In such a line of work, you have to have a screw (or more) loose and you have to have a LOT of confidence in yourself.  I mean that in a good way, I can attest. For better or worse, that’s what it takes.  I care about her ultimate message and I enjoy her as an entertainer.  …but I like her a lot more when not paying much attention to her interviews.

Glee…Nope. Not into it any more.  I know that’s crazy given how much I enjoyed the first season, and parts of season 2 …but I have to say, I haven’t watched a single episode of season 3.  I’m just not interested anymore.  They veered so far off the original path by paying all attention to guest star and “tribute” gimmicks.  Loved me some Britney tribute, but it all went downhill from that (Rocky Horror “tribute” crushed my heart …to put it in the non-dramatic sense).  No care for story at all. Meh.

Drew (Barrymore …duh)…Uh, YEAH!  She will always be my favorite.  Good or bad, always.

Gay folk and their civil rights…Yup, that’s always going to be something I fiercely have opinions about.  It feels trivial mentioning this in the same list as all the pop culture stuff mentioned above…but I have certainly brought it up a lot in the past, and I more likely than not still will. It’s because of those fierce opinions and all…

Re-makes…Still HATE them (for the most part, with rare exceptions) and will continue to rant about them even though it doesn’t do any good and they will continue to be made since dumb asses keep going to them.  The nerve.

I’m sure there’s more, but you get the gist.  Besides, like I said I plan more on writing from a more personal point of view from now on, versus the pop culture blurbs I’d been churning.

So, there’s plenty to catch up on, and we will.  Perhaps I’ll try to span it out over a few entries vs. spilling into the world’s longest “So how have you been?” response that was actually meant to be rhetorical by the other party.  But then, if you didn’t want an answer, you wouldn’t be here …I think.

well would ya look at that…

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

I voted for people and things and most of those people and things …won?  Well, the propositions were give and take for me.  I don’t really care that weed didn’t get legalized.  Yes, I rolled my eyes because it’s such an idiotic decision because that would have helped our state’s money problems by a lot.  Also, I think it’s ridiculous how much trouble people can get in for possession.  Our jails and legal system are already weak and overflowing …yeah, let’s perpetuate the issue with something as silly as that.  It makes far more sense to legalize the stuff, make the money and simply penalize for “under the influence while driving” or something that’s actually dangerous.  Sadly, I know plenty of people that smoke that are perfectly happy the way the system is now coming up with ailments to toke “medicinally” and not being taxed so freely by the state so the anti-weed folks weren’t the only ones voting against it.  I just hoped that the stupid prohibition would be ended, it just made sense.

I am happy with how my candidate choices went (though I must say when it comes to politicians I am incredibly jaded and think of them as pretty much all the same …I just pick the one that spouts out things I agree with more belief-wise and hope they stick to those spoutings).  Anyway, I feel the lesser of the evils got put in place …and I’m honestly very excited about Gavin Newsom coming out ahead! I actually believe in him.  So, YAY for that!

Lastly, I’m glad that the bullshit yearly auto charge to “help the parks” didn’t pass.  I figured any proposition that says the money is going to nature or kids will automatically make the people who don’t even bother to read the voter information go “Oh yeah, gotta help the parks …yes on that.”  Then, the money gets rearranged and sooomehow the parks and kids don’t really see that fiscal assistance.  If I want to help a park, I’ll go there and pay the parking fee and let the park itself have the money.  Thanks.

YAY!  Do I expect magical changes like a lot of folks seem to after an election?  Nah.  But at least my body’s rights might stay in place …gays might see some more rights …and my car will continue to cost me money but not as much money.  As for the weed, oh …oh no, I think I might have a glaucoma issue and that would require a prescription…….

have you gone out and voted today???

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

I have!  You’re not allowed to complain about the way things are if you don’t take initiative and exercise your right and privilege to vote your opinion! I seldom have elections go the way I hoped they would, but at least I went out and cast my say…


rocky horror glee show …the morning after

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Alright.  Well, I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show themed episode of Glee (obviously) last night.  First of all, it goes without saying that the ratings were good.  Not Britney episode good, but it was a 4% increase from the last original episode (last week AND next week are re-runs, LAME).  To break it down, the “Rocky” episode got about 11.5 million viewers and “Britney” got 13.3.  I’d rather show my support for a quality show over a pop singer, but I must say …the Britney episode was overall better executed.

To be fair, a Britney episode (pop music with short flashy music video references) would be a lot easier to create than a huge cult classic film/stage production with *slightly* more edgy material to re-shape for prime time network television.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the show …I smiled non-stop through the first 5 minutes, it just didn’t leave me jumping up and down yelling “THEY NAILED IT!”  They did the best they could, it wasn’t perfect, but they did great given the circumstances.

The biggest problem with the episode was that most of these younger actors didn’t grasp the theatricality of Rocky Horror.  They  might have been auto-tuned to be pitch perfect, but there was no gusto …most of the performance numbers were missing the dirty heat that the originals brought on.  I can’t blame age in this case because Chris Colfer was perfection in what little they gave him as Riff Raff and he wasn’t even born until 1990.  The big surprise of the night for me was Cory Monteith as Brad.  He usually just reminds me of a replica of Chris Klein in American Pie or Election …or anything else Klein ever did …they’re basically the same actor.  This is why it was so fun to see him have a chance to shine.  I was shocked that I wasn’t at all blown away by Amber Riley‘s off-the-beaten-path portrayal of Dr. Frankenfurter.  When they revealed she’d be playing the most infamous part in the entire show …I was a little surprised and pretty psyched to see what she’d do.  The woman can belt and has the sass to match.  This is where the let down came in.  It was when watching her that I figured out what was lacking in the episode …..gritty attitude to sell the numbers.  Grit is one thing Glee ain’t got and Rocky Horror particularly requires it to work just right.  It didn’t come as any surprise to me that Dianna Agron looked gorgeous as a Magenta, but was one of the worst of the performances (she was lackluster in Time Warp …HOW does someone do a lackluster job dressed that hot as Magenta singing the Time Warp of all things???)  Aside from that rather important detail of performance grit …I was a happy camper!

I couldn’t decide if I should write Ryan Murphy a thank you letter for making Matthew Morrison take his shirt off or if I should feel incredibly uncomfortable with the grossly inappropriate (in context to the scene) “Hi, I’m a teacher and I took my shirt off and did a hot and heavy number IN SCHOOL to win back my lady friend.”  Eh, screw it, it’s fiction and he looks GOOD with his shirt off.  Lastly, I was very happy with the cameo use of Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf.  It was short & sweet and an even better wink with them playing “straight men.”  It was fun for the big fans (everyone else was online this morning asking where they were …ha! hard to recognize 30+ years and out of wacky context).

Good job once again guys, now stopping cushioning the good stuff with re-run good stuff.  Thanks.