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“Downton Abbey” …I don’t get the appeal.

Friday, April 6th, 2012

pretty to look at, yes, but…

There was been a lot of hype about the Masterpiece Classic show Downton Abbey …it looked like something I might enjoy.  Dame Maggie Smith is in it, that was enough for me to try it out.  As always, Netflix conveniently has made the first seven episodes available on their streaming service.

It is absolutely beautiful to look at in terms of costumes, sets and cinematography.  Dame Smith is fantastic as always.  It is set during an interesting turning point in time (early 1900s).  Well, I guess most times are turning points, but still …it’s not a Jane Austen adaptation which is half of what I was expecting.  However, I am not finding it very compelling.  Granted, I am watching it while I’m working on my Adobe Illustrator project for school (fun, fun times all around) so my focus is not 100%  But yeah, it’s soothing to have on but not something I’d say I’m hooked on.  I get hooked on shows easily when they are well done original programming, and this is well done original programming.  Hmm.  Oh well. I just feel like I’m missing something because people REALLY like it.

Then again, a lot of people REALLY like the Kardashians …no accounting for what people are drawn to.

(Let’s just make it VERY clear that I am NOT comparing the two in actuality …that’s comparing an organic apple to a plastic orange …with massive false eye lashes and a bandage wrap mini dress …now there’s an image).

But you know what I am looking forward to from Masterpiece Classic?  Their adaptation of Great Expectations …a very eerie interesting story that, I feel, has yet to be captured on film properly.  This version has me interested and optimistic.  The second part airs in a couple of days.  I’ll just hold out for the inevitable Netflix streaming.  Time will tell.

mad men countdown begins!

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Ready to rock!

Due to some discrepancies between AMC and the show’s creator Matthew Weiner (in short, the network is greedy and wanted to cut time off the show for more ad space and have more product placement in the show itself and, understandably, this pissed the guy off because his show is one of the the network’s hottest commodities so he should have a little more say as he’s protective of his show …blegh).  ANYWAY, because of that noise, season 5 of Mad Men has been held off for a long time.  Considering it’s one of my favorite shows on the air right now …this has left me with DVDs.

I cannot watch anymore old episodes for a while.  I managed to burn myself out on them.  It has been a long time.

Two months from yesterday and counting!…. (but who’s counting?)

molly shannon to star in a television show that actually sounds good!

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

The Simpsons writer-producer Tim Long is creating a series for SNL alum Molly Shannon – and it’s coming to HBO.

Shannon will play an ex-nun, who leaves the convent and is forced to confront the outside world.  The character became a nun after a breakup at 18 and is still is virgin in her early 40s.

Long said:

“It’s James Joyce meets Judd Apatow — a female 40-Year-Old Virgin with a huge dollop of Catholic weirdness thrown in.” It “will be outrageously funny — it’s Molly Shannon, for crying out loud — but it’ll also be a serious look at a woman who’s 40 but emotionally still in her teens and who needs to get wise very quickly.”

I LOVE her and I love almost everything HBO produces.  I think the concept for the show is perfect for Shannon and her brand of humor and acting.  Hi, Mary Katherine Gallagher.  Heck, I just think the premise in general sounds original and entertaining.  I can’t wait to see it!

super bowl ad space is already sold out

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

In case you were interested in dropping a few million for a commercial spot during the Super Bowl this year, it’s too late.  Fox has already sold out all of the slots for the upcoming Super Bowl!  This is unusual and sort of worth mentioning since most years the network doesn’t sell out until the weekend of the game.

I wonder why this year and network is different.  I hope this means they’re extra good.  Aside from the food, the epic advertisements are the only good part of the damn thing!

keith olbermann suspended without pay for donating money to democratic candidates

Friday, November 5th, 2010

After donating money to three Democratic candidates before the elections, MSNBC has suspended host Keith Olbermann.  The network has a rule against political donations, as they feel it is a breach of journalistic independence to contribute to the candidates they cover.

Olbermann said:

“One week ago, on the night of Thursday October 28 2010, after a discussion with a friend about the state of politics in Arizona, I donated $2,400 each to the reelection campaigns of Democratic Representatives Raul Grijalva and Gabrielle Giffords. I also donated the same amount to the campaign of Democratic Senatorial candidate Jack Conway in Kentucky.

I did not privately or publicly encourage anyone else to donate to these campaigns, nor to any others in this election or any previous ones, nor have I previously donated to any political campaign at any level.”

At least he admits it, but the head of the network isn’t happy!

Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC, stated:

“I became aware of Keith’s political contributions late last night. Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay.”

Out of all the guys in ties spewing their opinions on television, he was one of my very favorites.  I love his way with words and his passion about what he’s talking about.  With that being said, I completely understand where the network is coming from and Olbermann HAD to know he was going to get in trouble for what he was doing.  It sounds like the network has a standing policy that makes sense and he violated.  I just hope he gets put back in his broadcasting chair at NBC or they let him go so he can go work elsewhere …because I’m willing to bet other networks would be thrilled to have him (well, maybe not FOX…)  I think this is a setback, but he’ll be back on his feet soon.