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dog has a “fetch machine”

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Check out the video (above) to see Jerry the dachshund play fetch with himself!

He’s SO happy!

This lucky guy’s brilliant owner built a contraption out of what seems to be a tennis racquet stringer and some surgical tubing, that when a ball is dropped into a certain spot, launches it a random distance.  A custom coding built and everything.

The best part?  The dog knows how to operate the machine itself!  Can you say endless hours of fun!?  Jerry’s owner still claimed to throw more balls than that machine ever did, ha!  If Bowser had one, he’d either be afraid of it or he’d not like it because it wouldn’t chase him around trying to get the ball from him (that’s the fun part to him …to each their own).

my princess boy

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Check out the video above of the Kilodavis family and their acceptance of 5-year-old Dyson who loves to dress like a princess and pretty shiny pink things in general.  His mom Cheryl wrote a book entitled My Princess Boy, which is now being used as an anti-bullying tool.  I think this is incredibly sweet, refreshing and very needed.  I wish a little boy who wanted to feel just as fancy as a little girl wouldn’t need to merit a talk show sequence or a book to combat all our cultural stigmas, but they exist, so I’m glad this is out there.

Dyson might be one of the cutest little boys I’ve ever seen …and might I add, he has an admirably inventive flair with his fashion.  You keep doing your thing little guy, and WAY TO GO Kilodavis family for supporting his individual happiness.  Not only are they nurturing their son, they’re trying to put something out there that helps other people think outside their close-minded boxes and maybe be more understanding and kinder to people that go against gender stereotypes.

I can’t express how RIDICULOUS I think it is that this sort of thing needs to be an issue to begin with …but our society is what it is.  At least this is a step in trying to change those STUPID ideologies.

oprah supports the ‘rally to restore sanity’ in the way oprah does best

Saturday, October 16th, 2010
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The night before last, The Daily Show was graced with the presence of Her Royal O-Ness of Television (that’s just one of many possible grand names you can call Ms. Oprah Winfrey …I have many myself).

Via Satellite, Winfrey called in to lend her support to Jon Stewart and his upcoming Rally to Restore Sanity. She told Jon and the audience:

“I think that we need a little bit more sanity in the world. I wanted to show my support for you, Jon, and also for your audience. So here’s what I did: I had my staff sneak into your studio early this morning with a little gift.”

That surprise was two tickets, plus air and hotel accommodations for everyone in his audience to attend the rally!  Oh Oprah, you little giver, you!  Oprah’s generosity to do and give whatever the heck she wants knows no boundaries or is specific to her own show, I love it!

It’s going to be an amazing event and that’s fantastic to see, once again, someone with so much give back so much (we happen to be in agreement with this being the best “political” event in a while, ha, so that’s fantastic she was able to bump the body count there).  She doesn’t need to do jack squat to promote herself or the last season of her show, she’s just cool like that.

One of my favorite bits was when Stephen Colbert, true to form, said to Jon: “Your rally is supposed to be about sanity, but that was insane.”  Heheheh …that’s just our Oprah!


Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

OH. MY. GOD!!!!

So Chatroulette is pretty creepy and played out, but this made the entire invention worthwhile if you ask me!  Essentially, it’s a site where you get paired with another person (or persons) on video chat and you can keep shuffling through to “interact” with different people.  It’s a diverse range of people on there.  Some are just looking to shock, some are bored and are boring, some are looking for a little sexy-time (uh, how many dudes were lounging on their beds with their tops off in that video …bet they weren’t banking on that awesome guy popping up on their screen!)

Anyway, this guy decided to have some fun and shook his money maker (he REALLY shook it) to Katy Perry‘s super gay club anthem Peacock …complete with an array of costumes (bikinis), wigs and props to act out the song.  The guy’s musical number in and of itself is extremely entertaining, but to watch the random people  who get paired to him REACTING (and the reactions were blissfully mixed) …it’s the best entertainment EVER.

I officially will be viewing this any time I am having a bad day …there is no way I couldn’t keep myself from laughing hysterically at this!  I actually cried tears, I laughed so hard watching this.  If I were Katy, I’d be sending this guy flowers and asking him to go on tour with me!  Oh peacock guy, I love you.

banksy’s opening sequence for ‘the simpsons’

Monday, October 11th, 2010

How the net executives ever said okay to this is beyond me!  I guess like all things, if it’s a super bankable idea, it’s a go.

For the first time in the history of the show, an artist was invited to storyboard and direct the opening “couch” scene of The Simpsons. Everyone anxiously awaited to see what the British street artist visionary, Banksy, would do with the opportunity.  Last night, we all found out.  He made a not-so-subtle commentary on how the people at the show have outsourced their animation (and you can bet their merchandising) to Korea and likened the big business series to a sweat shop.

Check out Banksy’s artful opening for yourself.  I apologize for the blurred quality, but it’s all that was available at the moment since it’s so new AND 20th Century Fox appears to be going out of their way to pull video down.  I’ll say I watched the first part and went “Really, that’s it?!  I would expect so much more from him!”  …And theeeen came the second part to the intro. where I said to myself  “There it is!”  I don’t  see the folks at the show or network having cause for complaint, this is going to get them some great viral publicity (if they let it).  In their case, as long as they’re staying relevant and interesting, it’s good publicity.  To have one of today’s biggest commentators in pop art slander your practices is a good thing.