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Florence and the Machine

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Florence and the Machine are finally crossing over from the UK…to North America, hooray!!

Oct 27 – Bowery Ballroom, New York
Oct 30 – Troubadour, Los Angeles
Nov 1 – Cabaret, Montreal
Nov 2 – Mod Club, Toronto

Also, checking out their “drumming song”

not sure what it means, but this photo of us it don’t have a price..ready for those flashing lights….

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009


I am sure nobody in this pop culture fueled society is unaware of the the VMAs that aired Sunday night.  Actually, I am stunned at how much attention that silly awards show is getting!  Even as a teenager, which is what that show is aimed at, I understood it was just a place wear celebs show up to get their face seen and they get to wear more wacky clothes than they would at a real honorary program.  Hey, I have no doubt it’s a fun event but it’s nuts how worked up the general public is getting over some “controversies.”  If I didn’t have Facebook, honestly, I wouldn’t have even known there was a commotion.  Funny enough, the general consensus is that it’s the best set of performances that have been on there in a long time.  I’m not even going to dive into the Kanye (or as I have come to call him “the K-word” because I’m tired of hearing his name after today).  That has received enough attention as it is.  Everybody won that circumstance, because they are all now that much more famous …and that’s what they’re in the business of …making themselves “stars.”

What bothered me more is there was such an out lashing towards Lady Gaga.  Yes, we all know I think that woman is fabulous both as a performance artist, writer, singer …she’s all around great at what she does.  I didn’t see the show myself, I just saw stills of her in these insane-in-a-great-way outfits (she must of had 4-5 costume changes from red carpet to closing parties).  The performance pics showed her and her dancers all in white/gold and she has blood splattered all over herself  as she was dangling from the ceiling with classical backdrops …I was intrigued.  People ranting that she has “emotional issues” or is “crazy/psycho” because of the performance …needless to say I was even more intrigued.  I went ahead and watched her performance and loved it.  Personally, I think anyone that actually took her seriously or went away from it thinking it was anything other than a performance piece …they were just reading way too far into it.  Again, she won from that strong reaction!  People are talking about her, spreading the word …she gained a reaction from a massive amount of people be it good or be it negative.  But then, there’s no such thing as negative press, right?

All of the various ensembles (costumes) she was seen in throughout the night were simply further projecting her ever revolving images she wants to project.  She’s a calculated woman, you can’t compare her outfit to Jessica Alba’s (thank God) or some other clone starlet because she isn’t trying to get on a best dressed list to promote herself, that isn’t her angle.  It just amazes me that people haven’t worked that out yet.  If you just don’t like her, you don’t like her.  However, it’s unreasonable to dub her as a “mess” or “psycho.”

Based off the photos I saw before seeing her actual act, I thought “Um, does she murder a kitten on stage?  What did she do??? I come to find that most of the act was just singing, minimal movements, lots of visuals and then at the end a squib goes off on herself (not a kitten or a lamb or a guy …or anything that would generally be considered upsetting) as she clutched herself gasping dramatically.  It was kind of like …a heart driven performance.  Oh yes, she must be crazy.  I’m just defensive because it frustrates me that people would give her such a hard time when she’s just setting out to entertain and do a little more than the standard Britney song and dance.  Actually, go check out images of Britney vs Gaga or Christina vs Gaga …most pop stars attempting to have edge to their look  are emulating aspects of her.  Britney’s handlers said “no” to the blood.

everyone sing a chorus of “she’s like the wind” in memorium

Monday, September 14th, 2009


No mom, this is not a tattoo of mine.  I saw this a while back actually and thought it was pretty spectacular …and now is a good time to share it.  Patrick Swayze has lost his long reported battle with pancreatic cancer at the not nearly old enough age of 57.  His family was at his side when he passed on.  Although it saddens me to hear this, I am glad his suffering is finally over.

I saw the preview of “Dirty Dancing” when I was in 1st grade because my mother owned a dance studio in San Franciso and was given tickets.  That part I recall, but my mom went on to tell me that when it ended the review collector asked me what I thought and I did a mambo through the lobby.  Sounds about right.  I don’t think I could fully appreciate it then, but obviously I went on to cult love it like every other woman in the world (and some guys who won’t admit it).

I also remember seeing “Ghost” with my family and from then on my step father referring to “Swayze” any time he wanted to use an example of what is sexiness or being good looking.  I guess at the time that was more than relevant, but it’s still kind of funny to think.  Maybe we can bring it back, remember him at the healthy, buoyant, dancing machine that he was that made us all swoon and keep people from being put in corners…  Anytime something is hot, say “That is so Swayze.”  I’d like to have that someday.

One of my favorite SNL sketches was when he and Chris Farley (RIP as well …though lost through very different causes) were rivals auditioning for the Chipendale’s dance team.  I think you know the one.  That will bring me joy for the rest of my life every time I see it.  Thanks to both of those gents.

I remember going to my boyfriend’s father’s furniture shop in Mississippi where he proudly proclaimed to me that he sold a desk to “That man from Road House.”  I remember watching Road House for the first time in Mississippi, actually.  Me and the fella were on the couches watching movies after a pretty bad car accident.  It was all we could do.  I’d have to say that movie made me laugh for the first time since that accident, that counts for something.

These are my memories of Patrick Swayze …amongst all the other 80s and 90s coverage he got.  Please share your own thoughts and memories …let us honor him.

and really bad eggs…

Friday, September 11th, 2009


If you’ve been waiting for the official word about the new Pirates installment, you’ve got it!  But you’ve got a wait ahead of you for the film since the movie doesn’t hit theaters for another three years.

However we can help you out by telling you the name of the film so you can stop referring to it as the fourth one.

Here it is: Pirates of the Caribbean: In Strange Waters!

Today, the big announcement was made at the Walt Disney Co.’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, just as Johnny Depp himself surprised an audience of 5,000 people by appearing on stage, in full costume and character, as Captain Jack Sparrow!

Johnny arrived in style in a gliding replica of his famous Black Pearl ship and cracked jokes with the audience about rum and the tasty dish that appeared before him – Kermit the Frog! Johhny Jack joked: “probably tastes like chicken.”

I am glad Disney is getting their money’s worth out of him. (his paycheck for the 4th installment, in case you didn’t already know, is 75 MILLION …happy time of recession everybody!)  I kid, I kid, I’ve heard it on good authority from those who have met him and worked with him that he is a really good guy.  He’s charitable and he’s talented.  But still, I’d say hamming it up for the big Disney expo is written into that paycheck, heh.  Teasing him is part of the pay check too, by the way.

I had been saying over and over again how much I wanted to go to this expo! Grrr…….

“Whenever I feel like exercising, I lie down until the feeling passes.” -Robert M. Hutchins

Friday, September 11th, 2009


I started going to the gym …again.  I’m like many people out there who have fitness spurts and then resume their lives of not working out …until they have another spurt.  I hope this time around that it sticks.  Nothing impractical, just 3-4 times a week for an hr or so.  It doesn’t help that I can’t get anybody to be my exercise buddy …least of all my fella, he uses his i phone as a mouse to the computer so he doesn’t have to get up.  Luckily, a good playlist gets me through it nicely.  Too bad it doesn’t lace my Nikes up and shove me out the door.  I ran almost 4 miles and felt really good, I was proud that I worked that hard and was in my mighty place …I then made the biggest mistake any woman could make: I weighed myself.  As a general good rule of thumb, I don’t weigh myself, I go by how my clothes fit.  I was curious.  I now remember why weighing yourself is a stupid idea.  It did nothing but deflate my 4 mile high and make me go home and feel badly.  At first, I was dismayed, then, just mad at myself for letting myself feel so horrible over weighing myself to personally upsetting results.  Gross.  That’s not my style.  I’m not far off from being in great shape if I want it.  So I shall just use today’s crapfest post accomplishment at the gym as motivation.  It’s on.

I hope.