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twitter twitter twitter…

Monday, November 30th, 2009


“Twitter” was ranked the most used word in 2009.  That’s saying something.  Texas-based algorithms company the Global Language Monitor has announced that the social networking site took the top spot for most used word with “Barack Obama” and “H1N1″ in second and third respectively.  “Stimulus” took number four with “vampire” at number five …only #5, wow.

just what a gal has in mind when she gets the gift of jewelry…

Monday, November 30th, 2009


Miller Park Zoo, in Bloomington, Illinois is selling a special necklace, called the Magical Reindeer “Gem” at their zoo boutique.  It looks like a snowman, but if you check out the lower torso …it’s made of 100% reindeer poop.  Each of Rudolph’s droppings are dehydrated, sanitized in an autoclave machine, painted and drilled that sits all pretty on your chest and just inches away from your mouth.

The idea came about from the zoo’s Superintendent, John Tobias. The website explains:

John’s grandmother use to gather her grandchildren and take them outside on Christmas Eve to scatter home made chocolate chips. She would tell the children that the chips would attract Santa and his reindeer to their home, because the reindeer would know that other reindeer had already visited and left droppings…

Er.  There’s a HUGE difference between chocolate chips and an actual reindeer turd, but the story behind it is cute.


Monday, November 30th, 2009


good morning america needs to get their priorities in order

Monday, November 30th, 2009


Although Adam Lambert was deemed too controversial for Good Morning America, Chris Brown isn’t!

The singer, who pled guilty to beating Rihanna (and we all saw/heard a fraction of what he did to her) , will do a taped tell-all interview with Robin Roberts over the incident, while Lambert’s “gay kiss” was too much for the American public!  In case you don’t know what I am referring to, Lambert performed at an awards ceremony and kissed one of his male band members …people got all worked up and sure enough his scheduled appearance on Good Morning America was abruptly cancelled …and footage was blurred out like it was some offensive perversion.  Interesting nobody ever censored Britney and Madonna’s little performance years past.

Many gay activists and feminists are furious over the decision and I am right there with them.

“The network is giving a mixed message — that it doesn’t trust someone who shocked with an unpredictable show and a gay kiss, but then it is happy to go ahead with Chris Brown, who was convicted of felony assault,” said an ABC source. “Chris Brown’s interview was booked way before Adam Lambert took to the stage. It is to give him a chance to respond to Rihanna’s interview. The possibility of him performing a song will be worked out next week.”

Uh huh.  So in other words, if Lambert had beat the crap out of his band mate instead of kissed him…

…because the amityville story has not been told enough

Monday, November 30th, 2009


The Amityville Horror was already remade in 2005, but that doesn’t mean it is not up for reinterpretation!

In a clueless display of movie making, the Weinstein Company and Dimension Films have acquired the rights to REMAKE the already TWICE remade film!  Getting the rights to this film can’t be too hard, this story is the village bicycle!  MGM holds further rights to Amityville and may plan their own set of films!

If they think they’re gonna get any better than Ryan Reynolds running around all pissed off crazy and topless most of the feature …pft!  Good luck.  For the record, no, that isn’t the best rendition of the film from a movie fan standpoint (though it sounds like you’ll have plenty more to choose from).  The original is almost always the one to go with BUT for my money …topless “grr” Mr. Reynolds for me, thanks.