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new moon #1 again…

Monday, November 30th, 2009


I figured New Moon would continue to hover at the top of the box office this holiday weekend, but it also still holds enough weight to keep breaking records left and right in its second week of release!

The Twilight sequel has set the record for the film with the highest-grossing Thanksgiving weekend EVER, earning an estimated $66 million over the 5-day-weekend!  That’s very impressive considering holiday weekends are HUGE movie going times and this beats them all (until the next one does).  In case you haven’t been keeping tally, that brings the total domestic earnings for the flick up to a massive $230.7 million!  I went with my sister on Saturday morning and we had both seen it before, so there was some more change in their hat.  Hey, I wanted to take her to the Arclight theater so she could see it at its very best (and they display all the major costumes at that theater …so it had to be done).  As I said before, it already has the power of a built-in fan base regardless of the quality of the movie PLUS this one actually attempts to adapt it well …it’s far more enjoyable SO the fans come back for more …and more …and more…

I think I’m good now.  I’ll just wait for the DVD to see it again.


Thursday, November 26th, 2009

ARIEL-1a copy8

I’ve had the nicest Thanksgiving holiday I’ve had in a very long time from the company down to the food.  It has just been a lovely and mellow day.  Nothing dysfunctional or lonely.  Hooray!  I simply wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday.  I hope however you’re spending it, whoever you’re spending it with …the day has made you happy, fulfilled, FULL, peaceful and most importantly: thankful.  Take a moment to take inventory of all the good things/people in your life and try to remember that on other days as well.  If you had a crappy day, I’m sorry, I’ve been there.  Get yourself an ice cream cone or something that’ll make you a bit happier and just do the part where you take inventory of the good stuff, you’ll feel better.  I’m spending some much needed time with my mom and little sister, so I’ll be away from the addiction that is this blog a bit more than I’d usually be.  In a couple of days I’ll be rambling away again.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!


Thursday, November 26th, 2009



Thursday, November 26th, 2009




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hiatus for glee …a very …very long hiatus

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009


Fox, you so stupid…

Even though the entire country is in love with Glee, the hit show will be taking a mid-season break with the last episode running on December 9th and not returning to prime-time until April 13th, 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I knew they were taking a break, but that is a BREAK.

All to make room for American Idol!  EW.

Is it smart for the network to put the show on hiatus at the peak of it’s popularity?  I mean, I know the fans of the show will be right there waiting when it comes back, but they won’t be very happy waiting.  I guess there are a lot of fans of Glee who would be complacent with Idol …I won’t.  I like my television shows clever and the cast of Glee is skillful at what they do already, no crappy reality show necessary to tell them that.  BAH!