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Brittany Murphy dies ….and people are surprised.

Sunday, December 20th, 2009


I’m sorry to hear that this morning actress Brittany Murphy‘s mother found her unconscious body in the shower ….she died at the young age of 32 of cardiac arrest.  She was potentially talented (if she wasn’t squandering it) and young, and it’s very sad.  But what is blowing my mind is I go onto my Facebook and my entire feed is blowing up with people going “Whaaaaat?! I can’t believe it…. I’m shocked….”  I don’t know where everyone has been for the past several years.  She was a bulimic alcoholic drug addict …you don’t have to be an L.A. native to get that, you just need eyes.  She wasn’t as obvious as some other certain Hollywood gals that give the paparazzi a show every night.  She evidently kept it at home.  But any time she was out on a red carpet, you could see it.  Heck, she just lost a job MID FILMING last month because she was too much of a mess to work.

I know that sounded harsh, but I’m already getting annoyed at how “stunned” everyone is acting.  It’s like all the other unfortunate deaths of celebrities this year.  People don’t fawn and lament until they’re gone.  It’s all sad, but true.  I’d like to say I hope that’s a wake up call to others that need help so it’s not such a sad waste.  But that’s an optimist approach.  If anything can be said about addiction, people can’t be helped unless they want to fix themselves.  Very sad.

ariel attempts to be fancy: a comedy.

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Jessica Simpson Josephine gold studded stiletto pumps

On Saturday I went to Kitson in in Beverly Hills to check out a book signing for Perez Hilton.  If you don’t know what Kitson is, it’s a trendy Southern California boutique chain.  You may have seen Lindsay Lohan or some spoiled miscellaneous heiress and/or reality TV girl wandering around in there purchasing overpriced “vintage” ts and marked up leggings in an issue of US Weekly.  Anyway, I generally getting my shopping done at Urban Outfitters and Target (or the “snazzy” stuff super marked down on eBay …sssh, don’t tell anyone) so I really don’t have much foo-foo shopping experience …unless you count me giving my mom input on the Manolos or the Choos at Neiman Marcus and that sure isn’t my shopping trip!  I hang in the background and give input.

With my lack of recent “high-end” experience established, let’s just say the afternoon was a fine example of a comedy of errors.  Such is my life.  Ha.  Christopher and I drove up to L.A. together so I could get dropped off at the boutique for the book signing and he could meet up with a friend for beers.  There is a North and a South Robertson.  I got dropped off on the wrong end.  I walked many blocks in the hot shoes as pictured above.  That’s fine and all except it was something like the 3rd time all year it had decided to rain.  I love the rain.  So okay, I’m getting a walk in my hot fancy shoes (that I have very little practice maneuvering in …I just wanted to look cute on my little outing!)  I get to the shop and at this point I am frizzy, damp, pink in the face from power walking in heels …totally how I wanted to look going to the snobby shop in the snobby town meeting a fella I think is rather awesome.

No, wait, it gets better…

I get to the shop in my no longer pulled-together splendor.  The entrance ends up being on an incline and the path is made of little cobblestones.  What is this, Europe?!  What are they trying to pull on me and my hot shoes?  Oh yes, and there were large black men in suits standing at the door …like a club.  Even if I had a lot of money, I’m pretty sure this is not somewhere I’d be visiting (unless Perez was there of course).  I take breath and try finding my center of gravity and hope I make it up and through the threshold with some sort of poise and grace.  You see where this is going…

I get all the way to the door and wind up eating shit over the threshold instead of something that resembles that poise and grace I was talking about.  Totally what I had in mind.  I let out a little scream and as I pull myself up by the side of the door I just start laughing …what else does one do in such a situation?  According to one of the fancy hulking door guys some drunk cracked out socialite (or maybe is was Ms. Lohan and he was trying to be kind) went down and then yelled at him for “letting” her fall and not pulling her up fast enough so he was appreciate I was a “good sport” about it.  I’m sure the gal in question was well practiced at walking in heels, it was probably the 4th martini.  That made me feel a little better, I guess, but I was still shaken.  I wander around looking at over-priced “vintage but not really” clothes and some designer stuff that was fun to touch (fancy stuff is soft) and I am directed to start a line outside.  Cool.  I got rained on some more and had to worry about making it up the incline again.

This time I had the large door guys saying “Don’t fall….don’t fall….” as I went up to take my turn getting a book signed.  How comforting.  I met the guy.  He was …okay.  I don’t know him personally so I can’t say one thing or the other but he was a little less appreciative seeming than you’d think he’d be.  I know I was completely a basket case by the time I met him so I’m sure I had nothing terribly insightful or articulate to say as I had imagined in my head I would but he kind of just gave me a mildly pleasant but bored look and ended the conversation with a monotone “….well that’s cool…thanks for coming by….bye bye…”  I felt a lot like how Ralphie in A Christmas Story must have felt when he went on the pilgrimage to meet Santa and had a hard time, went blank (Santa was kinda a dud) and he gets pushed down a slide …and then he’s left just going “Huh…”

I called Christopher to come pick me up.  I decided to not take any chances at “Club Kitson” and waited in front of the store in the rain instead.  Every few minutes one of the door guys would taunt me not to fall.  HAR.  One of them was really cool (the one that made feel great compared to the coked out drunk rich girls that don’t have as good an excuse for tripping) and we chatted until my ride came.  So that much can be said for the day.  Oh, and I went off to Barney’s Beanery for beers and a cheeseburger where I belong.  A much better end to the day than start.  On the bright side, I did get many many compliments on my awesome shoes from trendy shoppers, most likely people that did not see me plummet.  All worth it for the hot shoes.

gimme an F, gimme a U, gimme a C….

Friday, December 18th, 2009


well, you get the idea…

The Youtube accounts of some big Disney music acts got hacked… hee hee hee…

I believe Taylor Swift was the ‘K’


Friday, December 18th, 2009



Thursday, December 17th, 2009


I went to this site and just clicked on the video.  I didn’t read anything about it other than the headline.  I encourage you to do the same.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll experience strong conflicting emotions.  I didn’t really know what was going on so at first I was completely startled, then I couldn’t stop laughing while I kept watching …and then it kept going and I went back to scared…