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Friday, January 29th, 2010

Pee-wee Gets An iPad! from Pee-wee Herman

hey ariel, where’d ya go?

Friday, January 29th, 2010


I try to be pretty good about posting things daily, I really enjoy playing on here.  However, there seem’d to be some big server problem with the company I do this through SOOO I couldn’t get on to post anything.  You might have noticed that when you’d try to go to the site itself and it wouldn’t let you.  Hi!  Here I am!

Also, I’ve started up my glamorous job at Trader Joe’s again after a very extended break due to injury …so it might take me a bit to get in the swing of juggling life again (this included in the mix) but if you make a habit of coming here daily or often and don’t see fresh stuff, I apologize in advance …but I’m still here, figuring out my flow with the added tasks.  It’ll be updated regularly again soon! As always, if you’re reading this …thank you for being on here reading this! xo.

A 79 year old lady diamond thief?! Ha

Friday, January 29th, 2010


Doris Payne is so hardcore that she didn’t let a movie being made about her life and starring Halle Berry stop her from doing what she clearly loves: STEALING SHIT.  The baddest old lady in the USA was arrested Friday for removing the tags from a $1,300 Burberry trench coat from a Saks Fifth Avenue in Costa Mesa, CA and peacing out of the store like nobody’s business.

Trench coat? Girlfriend probably wanted to make a stealthy exit in that piece!  She’s currently being held without bail for violating her probation.  Halle Berry, who clearly realized that Catwoman was NOT the film to highlight her ability to play a jewel thief, is playing Doris in Who Is Doris Payne? slated to hit theaters this year.  This is some pretty good publicity for the film.

Don’t let the man get you down, Doris!


Friday, January 29th, 2010


A group of Italian scientists and art historians are appealing to the French government to exhume the skull of the great Leonardo Da Vinci to prove a theory about his greatest work, The Mona Lisa.

The team believes that the painting may actually be a self-portrait of the artist in disguise, based on its similarities to a 1515 self-portrait, da Vinci’s homosexuality and fascination with riddles.

By examining the artist’s skull, the scientists and historians look to “rebuild Leonardo’s face and compare it with the Mona Lisa” and prove that the famed portrait is in fact of da Vinci himself.

natalie portman: homewrecker?

Friday, January 29th, 2010


Okay, so this is gossipy …but I’m eclectic with what I find interesting …and I find “news” on certain people interesting always.  I am sort of bummed to hear this one…

Natalie Portman has been keeping her new romance with New York Ctiy Ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied under wraps because he supposedly had a live-in girlfriend before hooking up with Natalie!

Millepied is choreographing Portman’s new flick The Black Swan and they’ve been keeping it hush-hush because Natalie wanted to wait if things got serious. But an insider reveals:

“The real reason she was quiet about things is that Ben had a live-in girlfriend of three years when they met. She was a ballerina at the American Ballet Theater. She had been talking about marrying him and was blindsided by the split. She moved out right after New Year’s Eve.”

Portman’s rep says, “We have no comment about her personal life.”  I bet.

Can’t you find your own man?! You’re Natalie Portman for god’s sake!  I really hope that isn’t the circumstances.  Yeah, her personal life isn’t actually anybody’s business.  However, one of my biggest peeves in the universe is women who steal other people’s love.  I guess they weren’t that great a “love” if they’re willing to do that to you but it’s completely disheartening with the whole notion of “universal sisterhood.”  Why would you do that to someone else?  Another woman…  How would you feel?  I’ve always thought Ms. Portman classier than that, I hope that’s a bad report because it makes me like her a lot less.   Don’t be that chick Nat…