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‘thriller’ to become a movie …hmm

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

The Michael Jackson estate is about to get another chunk of change now that there is a bidding war over packaging a film around the legendary song/music video Thriller.  Oh boy.

Kenny Ortega is attached to direct the film, while The Hangover writer Jeremy Garelick pens the script.  On the one hand Kenny directed This Is It (and worked closely with Michael on directing the tour itself before it sadly couldn’t happen) …on the other hand he directed High School Musical.  EW.  The plot is being kept secret, but Mandate/Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment are involved in what will end up as a pricey rights deal that will cap the film’s budget at $50 million.

Rumor has it that the movie will center on Vincent Price and the town he grew up in.  The Jackson estate has to sign off on the deal, but that has been in the works for some time and is expected to be done shortly.  Um.  I need more information.  Thriller …without Michael Jackson (in his prime) …yeah, interesting theatrical idea …no Michael.  High School Musical director.  I need more information.  But thus far I am thinking, let’s just enjoy what he has already contributed and leave well enough alone.  Stop capitalizing off the guy.  I know, I know …that’s silly talk.  How on earth will the people that sponged off him in life keep living off him if they don’t keep it up now that he has “regained popularity?”

We’ll be seeing much more of Michael’s work soon!  Cirque du Soleil is in talks to do two live shows based on his music (TWO?! oh brother), while Ivan Reitman and Tom Pollock have a feature about Michael’s younger years in the works.  I am willing to bet a Cirque du Soleil project will be pretty cool, but why two?


Sunday, October 31st, 2010

pet safety tips for halloween

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

We all want to have fun on Halloween, but we also want our pets to stay safe!

Dr. Patrick Mahaney, veterinarian, gives his top 5 tips for keeping your precious pets safe during Halloween festivities.

First of all you should keep all that candy we love so much out of reach of your pet!  Chocolate, sugar, fat, and other ingredients found in Halloween candy can be harmful to your pet.

Next, make sure to avoid stressful Halloween situations.  Sometimes scaring each other is a rush for us, however pets can get very nervous.  If your pet barks excessively, becomes aggressive, hides, or exhibits other behaviors as a result of the many stressors occurring around Halloween, make arrangements so your pet does not have to be around uncomfortable situations.

It is very fun to decorate the house for Halloween, however you have to be careful with these decorations.  It could be smart to switch out real candles for electric ones, and watch out for cords and strings that can cause strangulation or shocks.

When going out or even staying in for Halloween you should always make sure your pet is properly identified.  Make sure to keep a collar on your pet, and if you are nervous you can take the next step and get a microchip implanted into your pet with all of your information.

Finally, while we love to dress up, sometimes our pets do not.  If you do choose to dress your pet up, make sure to keep them under close observation.  Consider that any or all parts of the costume could be ingested.  Also, trim off strings and extra material that could get caught around your pet’s neck or muzzle.

Have fun and stay safe during Halloween!

a very mary-kate halloween

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

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lady gaga’s halloween costume this year is:

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

A LITTLE MONSTER! Ha!  It makes sense as we all go as her at one point or another.  GaGa shared the picture above with the tag line below on her Twitter:

For Halloween I’m going to be…a little monster!!!! ☺ I love you all so much! Celebrate yourself!

Aaaw.  We love you too!  She has her claws and hairbow at the ready, loves it!