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“the world’s greatest lover” …the movie, that is

Monday, April 9th, 2012

another candidate for what to hang over my bed…

File this under “How have I not seen this before?!”  Seriously, how have I not seen this before?!

Gene Wilder‘s (as in directed, wrote and starred in) The World’s Greatest Lover.  This quickly made my list of very favorite Wilder films.  It’s good comedy when someone can put it on 35 years after it was made and still laugh all the way through.  It’s like Mel Brooks and Woody Allen had a baby movie and this was it.  That sounds like a super annoying baby, I know this, but trust and watch it anyway …it’s hysterical.  (except you mom, you’d just call it “obnoxious” or some other such name’s just not going to be your cup of tea).  Wilder is a genius.  I already knew that, but I felt like I was watching the best he had to offer here.  Well, better late than never coming to that party!


Monday, April 9th, 2012

a peony scented candle that actually smells like the flower?!?! I LOVE you paddywax!

Monday, April 9th, 2012

If you enjoy the aroma of peonies, boy have I found the candle for you.  Paddywax makes a peony scented candle and it is so spot on to the actual flower.  That NEVER happens!  Candles always end up smelling like some cheap perfume version of the botanic it’s emulating.  It was a very exciting moment when the scent hit my nose.

That’s all, just wanted to share the tip.  I always have a candle burning, so needless to say, I’ve tried a lot of different kinds.  While I’m on the subject, if you are into vanilla scented candles (one of the more basic aromas but surprisingly seldom done well) Seed makes a great soy vanilla bean scented candle and it’s not that much money (compared to, say, the candles where you’re paying for the box/tissue it comes in more than the candle) and it’s heavenly.   You’ll feel like cupcakes are in the air, but not too heavily.

Both brands make other scents, of course.  For Paddywax, I’ve tried Poppy and Paperwhite.  I wouldn’t get Poppy again (despite some very positive reviews I’ve read) but I’d certainly get Paperwhite again.  It has that clean and fresh scent you can’t put your finger on, but it’s pleasant.  I found the Seed brand by accident at the grocery store of all places.  I’m generally not a big fan of the grocery store candle purchase (Glade just isn’t my thing).  But it looked different.  The only scent offered was Crisp Cotton.  I figured it would offer than clean smell I was just speaking of.  It wasn’t bad …it just smelled like Ivory soap.  No thanks.  However, the candle itself was great and worth trying a different fragrance.  It burned very clean & evenly and the scent was of quality.  I liked the vanilla scent so much I’m contemplating vanilla coffee next (mmm).

You can find the Paddywax candles at Urban Outfitters.  HOWEVER, it should come as no surprise that they will over charge you.  Save about $5. more or less and get yours on Amazon.  Seed is available on good ol’ Amazon as well…with tons of choices.  I’m sure a lot of them are great since it’s a surprisingly high quality candle.  If it sounds good, it probably is.  If I can tear myself away from this exciting new peony discovery, I’m excited to try Paddywax’s Library Collection …I’m most interested in Jane Austen smell-wise ….now there’s something that sounds odd to say.  However, I really liked TokyoMilk’s “Poe’s Tobacco” (you wouldn’t think that’s very pleasant, but low and behold it is!)

Mmm, candles…

would you sell vital parts of your body for a toy?

Friday, April 6th, 2012

unless it gives back rubs and the power of flight, I’m not interested.

Oh how I wish this story were false.

This could easily set off my rant on how ridiculous priorities are in this world, blah blah blah …but you get it …unless you’re reading this on your iPad, in which case, go away.

“Downton Abbey” …I don’t get the appeal.

Friday, April 6th, 2012

pretty to look at, yes, but…

There was been a lot of hype about the Masterpiece Classic show Downton Abbey …it looked like something I might enjoy.  Dame Maggie Smith is in it, that was enough for me to try it out.  As always, Netflix conveniently has made the first seven episodes available on their streaming service.

It is absolutely beautiful to look at in terms of costumes, sets and cinematography.  Dame Smith is fantastic as always.  It is set during an interesting turning point in time (early 1900s).  Well, I guess most times are turning points, but still …it’s not a Jane Austen adaptation which is half of what I was expecting.  However, I am not finding it very compelling.  Granted, I am watching it while I’m working on my Adobe Illustrator project for school (fun, fun times all around) so my focus is not 100%  But yeah, it’s soothing to have on but not something I’d say I’m hooked on.  I get hooked on shows easily when they are well done original programming, and this is well done original programming.  Hmm.  Oh well. I just feel like I’m missing something because people REALLY like it.

Then again, a lot of people REALLY like the Kardashians …no accounting for what people are drawn to.

(Let’s just make it VERY clear that I am NOT comparing the two in actuality …that’s comparing an organic apple to a plastic orange …with massive false eye lashes and a bandage wrap mini dress …now there’s an image).

But you know what I am looking forward to from Masterpiece Classic?  Their adaptation of Great Expectations …a very eerie interesting story that, I feel, has yet to be captured on film properly.  This version has me interested and optimistic.  The second part airs in a couple of days.  I’ll just hold out for the inevitable Netflix streaming.  Time will tell.